Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Yikes, Time Flies And I've Been Busy

It's been crazy busy with friends and family coming to visit, brushes flying and my trip to Boston.  Where do I start?

Yes, I've been busy. Lola has become my Muse and she has kept me busy inspiring me while we walk out on the field by our campground. Each watercolor and gouache is 9" x 6" overall with the image being 8.5" x 5.5". I plan on going back to my spot on Daily Paintworks where I can display them for all to see much easier than the Facebook shop that I went to. It was free and convenient, except no one could find it but me. I'll take good photos of the images tomorrow then get it back up and going.

Along with these pieces I've been doing commission work and the brushes have really been flying. I don't think I have been this prolific in years. Guess I'm happy being "home".

This past Saturday I drove down to Boston with my oldest granddaughter, Morgan, to see our youngest granddaughter performing with the Boston Community Dance Project.  She danced with young adults and teens in a flowing production called Humanize. Oh the talent that was on that stage. Needless to say I was totally blown away.

Our granddaughter Morgan, then the youngest and the amazing dancer, Kelsey and my daughter Erin.

Before the show we ate at a restaurant across from the Boston University Dance Auditorium.

I grew up about 20 minutes west of right here where we were eating and so many memories came flooding in. From the 4th grade I rode the "T" everyday to school. Right through high school and then art school in downtown Boston. I had to get a photo but back then they were big orange cars with one pole that attached to the electric wire overhead. Oh, and brown padded seats that were torn and worn from all their years of duty. (bet you thought I was going to say something about how the horse and buggy picked me up at the corner and got me there..LOL..)

Eclipse day. I sat outside and listened to a lonely cricket for a bit, then it stopped. The stillness and quiet was really noticeable and I loved it. I wasn't sure how I would experience the moment so I took my Muse and walked to the field.

Yes she needs grooming but this was Lola at the moment of the totality which we only got about 75% of. The light dimmed and I had to get her photo. A woman was driving by and yelled if I'd
 like to see the eclipse and that she had glasses. She jumped out of her car and pointed me to the sun since the glasses were totally black to look through. Amazing. One of the workers here had a cereal box viewer so I also got to peek through that too, but not as great as the glasses. 

Almost time for dinner, the kids are circling me as I write...

Tomorrow is the last day of August and then there is 15 days left.  Tomorrow I am trying to find, yet one more time, where the leak is on our driver side slide out. We now really have to repair the wall but will wait til we get to California. My plan is to remove the old piled on silicone and replace with new. Wish me luck and pray it's not raining. Roger is heading back up to the mountains to get pictures with Ozzie. The last time his camera failed so hopefully it all goes well for him too.

Ok, chat ...tomorrow? If I conquer the slide I'll do a show and tell, but since I'll be on a ladder and may just be a tell!!!

Have a great night...

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