Thursday, August 31, 2017

Where Oh Where Is That Leak

It may rain tonight so I borrowed a ladder from the park and this morning attacked the passenger side slide out.

The upper right hand corner had a huge messy build up of silicone so I went up, cut it and pealed it off.  Then, after dropping the silicone gun three times, I finally got a nice clean bead, well, sort of, on that corner and top.  Then went around and checked windows and edges that looked like they needed sealing. After accomplishing that I got the silicone spray and sprayed the awning areas that moved. Weather tightens the gears and they scream as you open and close them if they aren't lubricated. That then concluded my maintenance for the day. After I lugged the ladder back up to Pete, one of the camp hosts, I came back to sit and have another cup of coffee. I'm hoping that I finally, yet once again, found the leak.

Lola and Sammy wanted to take our afternoon walk about 3:30 P.M. so off we went . Roger and Ozzie left early this morning to go to the Kancamagus Highway to take photos so it was just the three of us today. Lola knows "wait" so when Sammy became slow or the leads were getting tangled or I was being dragged a bit too much, that's what she heard and stopped.  We wandered to the apple orchard and on the ground I found this beauty. It's a Red Delicious, small since they just are wild right now and haven't been given any nutrients, but still have their flavor.  I was thrilled that Lola walked over it. It was mine!!!

This afternoon I decided to stay inside with the kids and work on this piece.  Tomorrow I should be able to finish it, putting in the fur and paws, Love how it's coming out!

I started this yesterday and now I plan on working a bit longer tonight to see where it goes. Lola is asking for her dinner, a bit loudly, so I may get that ready and then paint in silence. Ha!

Have a great evening. Thinking, as you are too, of the people of Texas and what they are experiencing.  Prayers.

See you tomorrow.

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