Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Quiet Sunday Afternoon

I first thought this morning that today I would paint. We took the dogs to the dog park early to avoid the heat but the humidity was already high and I was melting.  When we got back to CiCi Blue we still needed to get the awnings out to dry before the new storm began. I directed Roger through the bathroom window as he tried to straighten the arm of the awning. It finally came out fine.  We also extended the awning over the entry door as that got soaked too. Then the rubbish needed to go down to the dumpster at the entrance to the park so kids and all, off we went. Oh no, wait, in between the entrance awning and the dumpster walk, Sammy escaped yet one more time.  There was a young boy at the site next to us and Sammy wanted to see him.  Roger grabbed our lead that we leave tied to the handle by the steps outside for these little romps. 

Then the storm came!!

There's something incredible about being in an RV in a storm. It was thunder and lightning everywhere around us, but we were snugged and happy having lunch inside.  At one point I did think of how we were smack dab in the middle of trees....hmmm. However, we have great surge protection so we felt good. 

Lunch was hot dogs on hamburg buns with mustard and potato chips sqwished inside.  Simple yet elegant.

Sammy is the one with the gleaming green eyes. hahaha.  Trying to get a photo of all on the couch. As you see only Roger was being cooperative!

So, it's still pouring out. Our shore power went out for a bit from the storm . We waited for the generator to kick on but it didn't. Hmm. We think maybe we haven't set a switch for it to do automatically. To the "Bible".
The inverter kept the lights on but the a/c went off.  Roger is reading our electricity in the coach book now.

Well, I spent the day reading so I guess it's ok to snooze on a rainy day.  

Have a great night...

Warmly, Sheila


  1. Love Sammy's laser eyes....with all the rain you are testing the cabin fever theories. I'd say you are well suited for RV living if you've made it through all this weather and still are happy with life in the motor home.

  2. I think it would be soooo cozy to be in an RV in a storm!!! I would love it!

  3. Sounds lovely and stress free!,xx Rachel