Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wednesday Already

Sammy at the sticks and brick tonight. Where did the week go? I had a Doctors appointment to day half way to the rv park and the kids were at the house so we decided to stay down here tonight. Plus, Ozzie and Roger have agility practice on Wednesday nights. For the past couple of days we have had the rain storms to beat all rain storms. (probably normal but being in the RV they seem even more powerful)

We are parked on a grassy area which is lovely but after a few days of heavy rain it has no where to drain. Last night we took the kids out at 9 P.M. before we went to bed and stepped in water up to our ankles. Ok Sheila, you specifically bought rain boots just for this. Where were they??  Well I did wear them to the dog park earlier and stomped through some puddles with Lola...but then figured flip flops would be ok . Silly me.

Stopped at Staples to pick up some boxes for shipping art work and saw the new 2015 Road Atlas. BIG TYPE version.  I may be able to see an eagle in the trees but close up, no way.  Still need readers.  Now we can plot and plan our adventure. Roger found more Corps of Engineers camping places today in Alabama. I'm thinking the plan may be going to Georgia then over to Alabama on towards the west. 

Tomorrow I call our insurance company to find out about our awning and check with my framer to see if I can get a discount on 10 or more frames. I've had a lot of feedback from people wanting to see me continue painting on copper as we head out to paint America.  I may have to give up a couple of pairs of shoes..not my cowboy boots though..they are coming. ;-)

More cleaning out the house this weekend and maybe a trip to Ikea in Orlando to buy Roger his computer table for CiCi Blue! This is getting serious!! hahaha.

Have a great night, 


  1. It takes a lot of planing doesn't it,and i thought there was a lot in just taking Speedy away,xx Rachel

  2. Woooohoooo... you're making progress.

  3. It does take alot of planning. Where do I get dog food, to where are we going and when. When I'm not exhausted I;m super excited about it. lol xx