Friday, July 25, 2014

Seeing Every Little Detail

Today is Friday. Tuesday I had my last cataract surgery! The Doctor told me I wouldn't have the same "wow" factor this time and it would be different since I had already been through the surgery for the first eye.  It was!! I'll spare you , it's not painful at all but I think I could " see" more.  Got through that and I tell you orange juice and peanut butter crackers after have never tasted so good!

That day was a lot of sleeping and the next day I had planned on going to a friends birthday lunch. Donning my large black surgical sunglasses, off I went.  I was now driving, as I thought later, with 20/20 eyes!! About 5 minutes into my adventure I was coming to a stop. A black truck was in front and he started up to go or so I thought. I drove right into the backside of him. He was fine, I was fine and unbelievably my car was fine. I was so shaken I drove right home and slept. Last night I drove up to the RV, where I am today with the "Kids", and I realized I have never driven with 20/20 vision or even have had it since I was probably 8 years old.  

I did start a painting on copper and the first attempt had every detail I could see. I'm an impressionist painter so now I have to re train my new eyes to see negative and positive spaces once again.

I decided to spend the day with the dogs at the RV. I needed to weed out my clothes bins so it was more organized. (My mother just rolled) I have to be here.

I may have to get boxes to put them in before we roll.

Then this morning after I had breakfast I decided to take the dogs to the park. (The second attempt proved much better, I'm sure I'm the comic relief of the RV park)

There's a boggy area from all our rain over at one end of the park and needless to say that's where Lola goes first.  She never went into the pool at the house so this is heaven for her. It's also the puddle Sammy sits in. 

Happiness is....! 

Yes she was wet and stinky when we got back to CiCi Blue, but it's easy to vacuum and wipe up. I had one happy girl!!!

So my first day with the kids in the RV was pretty good. Looking forward to more!! 

Have a great night!!



  1. YAY!!!!! Now both eyes will be able to "see for miles and miles and miles!!" Love the photos! Have a great weekend!

  2. Yay,I bet everything all looks shiny and new now,xx Rachel and Speedy

    1. It does Rachel, now to get accoustomed to seeing that way..hahaha..who would have thought!!!x