Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Made It To Georgia..We Left The Nest

This will be a quickly since I can't the internet to work on my computer. I'm on my phone . Lol

Well we made it to Brunswick , Ga. with no incident. Thank goodness!  The RV park, "Resort" is new and very clean. Each has a single cement pad with hedges separating the pull thru's. I feel like I'm in a little "town".  Waiting for the Stepford wives to walk by.  No, it's really very nice and even has a fenced in dog area.  ( someone forgot their babies doo doo) oh oh.

Pictures hopefully tomorrow.  We leave in the morning and head north west to Big Hart Campground where we will once more try and figure out what's wrong with our slide!! Oh yes. Now it won't go out!!  Life is a little close but it is even when all the slides are out . The dogs love being on top of us!

Anyway, we are safe and sound. We were about to have cheese and crackers but the crackers are in the pantry blocked by the slide. So we decided , very excitedly, to call for a pizza and have them deliver. I called and called then looked on their Facebook page to find out they went out of business! Lol lol Life on the road.  The sky tonight however is magnificent!!!! Red sky!!!  That's what makes it all worth it!!!!


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