Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Work Station Is In

The work station is in! Roger did a great job fitting it in the space and securing it.  The rest of the rig is a mess. lol Tomorrow we will both be at home so we can get rid of stuff that's cluttering then I'll give you a full pic. And let's here it for heavy duty velcro!!!  I am pleased  that he got it in so he can do his work as we go. I am also pleased my two large windows weren't covered.  I so love looking out and the light that comes in is beautiful.

A short blog today. I went to my eye guy and the infection cleared but it is a secondary Glaucoma making the pressure raise. Tonight from all the meds I'm putting in my eye it hurts. (I'm hoping it's all the meds...)
Tomorrow morning if it still feels this way it's back to the eye guy. sigh. Since we will be on the road for a month I'm on pressure lowering meds along with infection stopping meds! Anyway, I won't own this so it's on to bigger and better things after a good nights snooze.

Have a great night!!!



  1. Wow!! Roger did a great job. I pulled the picture in close and it does pass inspection.... Tell Roger I'll be watching for all the wonderful photos he's going to process in his new office.

  2. I'll let him know Lou. I am pleased!!!

  3. looks Great,hope your eye settles down.xx Rachel