Thursday, September 25, 2014

Who Knew Lola Could Be A Balloon!

This is Lola. Yes, the furry brown and white girl you see here. Today, after days of rain I thought I'd write a light and airy blog.

As you see she's a rather "large" girl but thinks she's tiny and weighs, (sorry Lola) between 95 and 100 lbs.  While we have been here at Myrtle Beach we have taken long walks on the beach in driving rain nightly.  Lola is thrilled.

Along the way she will speak to lawn chairs that were left and fishermen along the shore.  If we happen to see another dog traveling about she will almost walk backwards to keep track of him. Such a girl.

With the chill in the air, and the first time we have seen her in cold weather, she is excited.  We were walking along when suddenly Lola burst into the air, full body. She was able to turn her head and front paws, mid air, and come 360 around and land. She pulled my arm straight up with her then after landing did it again in the opposite direction each time flying higher like a balloon. And again but this time landing a 180 right in front of Sammy. (I know I have to work on my arm rotations but yikes,,,,.)

Always present, always loving and always making us laugh. We return to Florida on the 1st of October and I have already contacted my massage therapist! She will be thrilled to see how I can rotate that stiff right arm now. Thank you Lola...(I think)

 Have a great day today...Maybe I'll be back later if anything fun happens. I know we will be doing another long walk on the beach. 


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