Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sometimes There's Sadness

Roger and I are are fine and the dogs too. However, Roger's cousin Martin, Marty, Wedegis was killed October 31 by a hit and run driver.

Marty had two sisters, Lynn and Shirley. We are close to them as they are Roger's closest family members. They stopped by today on their way home from Miami, where Martin lived, and we got to have a quick lunch with them.

Marty was supposed to be in SC for Thanksgiving and after he didn't show the family started to call him, eventually calling the police to have them do a missing person search. Marty had his sister's name in his wallet but no phone number.  The man driving the vehicle did stop long enough, witnesses say, to get out of his car, look quickly, then leave.  As yet the police have not found him.

I only met Marty a few times but he called me cousin. He led a fun filled life that went from doing photography in NY working at NBC to being a nudist, to just being..alive. He grabbed at life. At 75 he was still going strong.  The one thing that has stuck in my mind is that no one knew he had been killed.

So tonight, I wanted to just say these few words so you would know he was here. He was loved and he loved. (And he thought having Lola, a Newfoundland, in our pack was cool)

God Speed Marty!!!



  1. I'm so sorry for your loss - Marty sounds like he was an interesting man, and will be missed. This is also a good reminder to have the name and phone number of someone to call in an emergency in our wallets. Mine are in my phone, but it's locked and they might not be able to get into it.

    So sad, and I think it's wonderful you wanted people to know he was here. :)

    1. Thank you Barbara. I put my paper in my wallet too. (now to remember to always have my wallet on me when I'm out. ) xx

  2. Oh Dear God that is horrific. Sending my most heartfelt sympathy and prayers.

    1. Thank you Caren. It means a lot to Roger and his cousins. and me. xx

  3. I am so sorry. What a nice tribute the the fellow.