Monday, December 15, 2014

The One You Needed To Meet

These are Sand Hill Cranes. They are brown and grey colored but I took this through our tinted windows.  Always in pairs, mated for life, they walk around the campground getting their food. If I had gone out, the male I'm sure, would have stood tall and silent then would start "honking" at me to back away. It's amazing how loud they are. They walked up and down then over to the dock on the lake. I watched from my comfy chair in the rig and then...they both flew. 

My mouth was open as they went in tandem. Huge wing span, they flew over the water and off into the wooded area. It was quite beautiful to watch!

Today a mobile dog washing van came into the park. All the tiny dogs got baths and trims. Roger and I decided to wash our stinky girl. She had amassed a few mats in her fur that needed to be taken care of and her rear quarters were beyond any smell you wanted in your home. Poor girl. It's an undertaking. We washed her with baking soda and water first to get the stinkies gone then rinse her in  a vinegar and water mixture.  As we worked I trimmed and removed mats. I was soaked. Then after it all we rinse her with clean water. She loved it since it was cold water from the outside hook up. The colder the batter. I was now soaked and cold! oh..and hairy from her fur flying everywhere. The vinegar and water takes all the yellow from her whiteness. She looked gorgeous! More work is needd on her bum mats but that will be another day.

Then, Roger took Ozzie to the mobile dog groomers to get his razor nails trimmed! $10.00. Yahoo. 
he so needed a trim. They would wear down at the house as her ran around our pool but now,'s all grass. 

So, the one you needed to meet! I have been a bit down, holidays that are different, a different place, different everything. The woman here tell me, no reassure me it will get better, just an adjustment. The RV's are coming in fast and furious filling up the spots for the holiday or the winter. A couple moved in diagonally behind us. We have waved and passed each other on our bikes but never really chatted. Today the woman came past our coach and said how much she loved Lola. I went to the road and apologized that she was so "Chatty". (Translate loud) She said oh no Lola was lovely and that she had lost her beloved dog two weeks ago. Then added that 10 years ago on that day she lost her daughter. My eyes filled. She and her husband traveled around every year to someplace different so the pain hopefully will be less.  She was the one I needed to meet today.. My "down days" acclimating to my new lifestyle now seem actually silly. I really do have it all right now. Less stress, 3 healthy,yet noisy, dogs, the RV I actually wanted from day 1 and Roger at my side. Oh and Sophie and Fergus in their small urns beside our beds! We are all here. Our children and grandchildren safe and happy.  Tomorrow I'll see if she wants to ride around the park with me and silently thank her for being there today.

Tomorrow is buy the jeep a new battery day, mail books and finish the painting I need to get shipped. Roger is on the battery/book detail. 

So have a great evening and see you tomorrow!



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    1. Got one today Ray!! Now to get gas! Thankfully we live behind the gas station. hahaha. :-)