Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Two Arms, Two Arms

Ha, you think, I have that spelling incorrect! Nope! Today I found 2 arms for my window treatment in the living room!

I remember as a young kid, my mother used these hangers in our home so she could open the drapes to let in more light. The window over our couch has two sconce lights on either end. I want to add color and homeyness to our rig but the thought of a long pole just didn't seem right to me. Soi, I went on a Google search for half curtain arms. They do sell them new, as I found out, but these were old and had character so I got them! Yeah ebay.

So, when I get the curtains up I'll do a show and tell. I'm excited!

The Universe is being really good to me as I received another commission of a beautiful black Lab mix. Wait til you see him!! He's in queue and I am grateful.

Tomorrow I have a massage, not a fun one but one that will help my leg and hip to move better, then tomorrow night the park cook out. It's pretty thin here but it will be fun! Not much to add for today but we did get vacuuming and cleaning in. It's amazing how much dog hair flies around.  

So, have a great evening and see you tomorrow. Cook out pics!! Woohoo! ;-)


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