Monday, May 25, 2015

Taco Night Was a Success

We had Taco night here last night at the park and had a great turnout. Tons of food and enough for us to have some left overs. Roger is making up our plates as I type!

I had mentioned before I wanted to make curtains for the bathroom but ended up getting fun material for our living area. Our Country Coach is beautiful with wood and beige material but as artists we need color. I cut the material and today pinned edges and got ready to use my sewing machine after forever! I love this machine, it's so easy!

I had purchased "arms" to hang the curtains. This is the first one I hung without hemming. It goes down behind the couch. I want to lower the sofa to see how far they do come and may just sew a small hem with weights in it and leave them long in case we ever have company staying over.

Like this look too. I may make tie backs. The other side..the curtain is finished ,however, I dropped the "arm" and the finial broke off. Roger has it outside drying after smothering it with Gorilla glue. I hope it works. Duh on me. 

"Lola....Lola?? Where are you?" "Lola?..come..." I knew she was in the house but she was sooo quiet. Was she chewing one of my brushes? One of my colored pencils? Seeing the coach isn't that large and she wasn't in the main living area, she had to be doing something "naughty" in the bedroom. I peeked first then went and got my camera. There she was, lounging on our bed and looking quietly out the window watching our neighbors in the next space. She usually barks at things outside but she was just really quiet. The heat has been oppressive so I'm thinking she was just happy to relax and look.

You can see valentines cards next to my bedside. Roger gave them to me. Yes, I do save cards but we have decided to save them and regift to each other just in case we aren't near a store.I need to put them someplace safe so I can get them when the Holidays come again. Thinking different living in an RV!!

Lola, being quiet!!!

So, have a great tomorrow!! 

P.S. The "campers" left!!! lol


  1. Your curtains look lovely, clever of you to make experience with a sewing machine years ago didn't go too well! lol.

    1. Thanks Ann. From a distance they are perfect!!!! lol lol