Friday, May 15, 2015

A Week of Excitement

Did I just finish a blog saying, well not much happening around here right now?  Silly me. Let's see, do I start with the sad news or the fun news. Probably the fun.

Amanda and Smitty. Our next door neighbors for a month and they are from New Hampshire!  Roger and I lived in NH for 20 years and camped in the north not far from where they have a home. Needless to say, we bonded.  So, let's go do what? Air boats? Our other friend and manager of the campground, Wendy, was in!! I was terrified! Zooming over alligators and snakes isn't my kind of fun, or so I thought! Yes, I had a blast!!!!

The yellow airboat was our designated boat. I was at that time calling the ride from you know where!

We all wore headgear since the engines were massively loud! The driver would speak to us through them so he could point out the swimming beasts!

Out on the fields the cattle grazed and also horses. The driver said the alligators are afraid of the cattle so stay away. 

Alligator Wrangler Wendy. No fear! I love it!

Another fun day was mother's day! My son Jamie has moved back to Florida and lives close by so I got to spend time with him and family. Left to right, Jamison, Stefanie, my daughter-in-law, me and grandson, Logan.

It was a melting morning so jamie brought me a huge glass of water. We were down by the river and Jamie spotted a blow fish. I was excited and didn't see the step was broken and tumbled down skinning my knee and dropping my huge water. Boo. 

..but, dang it, I got to see that blow fish!!!!

So, the sad news. Last Wednesday, another really hot day, I was in the coach while Roger, Smitty and Amanda were having a 5 o'clock cocktail together. I glanced out to see Roger and Smitty running, Wendy and Penny coming from the office and Amanda pointing. Out I came to see what was happening.  Dale, a 57 year old man living in the back row, had passed away suddenly.  We all knew him.  Smitty and Roger were able to get into the trailer to confirm it then of course, the police arrived. Since he was alone they had to do an autopsy, take photos and lock the Trailer up until cause of death was determined.  We live in an area with alot of wild life and birds,with no homes for miles. The door had been left open as the police went about their business and we looked up to see the buzzards circling. A very strange reality check if I may say. We went back to our site, a few others came too, and we lifted our glasses to honor Dale.

See if I say nothing seems to be happening around here again!! Amanda and Smitty left for home and now I can concentrate on my painting. We all tried to make them stay but alas, they had to leave!

Well, better start my day and do some commission work! I'm grateful!!

Have a great day and see you soon...


  1. Hi...I'm new here having happened upon your blog recently via Miriam Hughes....Thought I would drop by and say Hello. So sorry that you have lost a local chap who you knew....hope he didn't suffer prolonged illness and perhaps at least went to the other side peacefully....this is all we can all hope for isn't it. ....ann hyde

    1. Hi Ann, glad to have you on board! No he didn't suffer thankfully. It was sudden and unexpected.

  2. wow you have been busy,sad about you friend though,I've been stretching myself too artistically wise,I'm learning how to do portraits of people,not perfect yet but I'm getting there,xx Rachel

    1. That's exciting. Looking forward to seeing them!! Xx

  3. Fun times, but I'm sorry about your neighbor who died. He was a pretty young guy.

    1. Thanks Barbara. Still expect him to walk around the corner. Too young indeed!!