Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Looking A Little Sparse

The weekend campers left and two other full timers also left this morning, leaving about 10 of us to a 40+ RV Park. Two of the 10 are heading north to visit family for weeks so that leaves 8.  The positive about this is that Lola and the kids have a nice quiet walk around the park and playing in the dog field. The negative is for the owners who need to cover their expenses and keep the Park up and running. Today we chatted about some ideas how I marketed my art work through the years leaving rack cards everywhere I went with my email and pictures of some of my work.  On a trip to Alaska, our friend Ray, Roger and I pulled to a full stop on a mountain after seeing a Lab walking with his owners. They needed a card!

Not sure how that will work with an RV Park but if you are out and about near us stop by and stay the night. I'll show you my new home made curtains!!!

And you can meet Sammy!!!  The color just brightens up the whole rig! I also want to make front darkening curtains with fun fabric.  I have always have been a person that believes I can do anything. Ok, it may not be Chanel worthy but it will pass.

Hot and dry and so wishing it would rain, just a bit. Our friends in texas are probably saying, Please take ours. I heard from a friend at an RV park in texas and last night everyone was in their Rec Hall as a tornado went over. The storm was crashing about them and thankfully everyone is safe and sound. I hope they stay that way.

Have a great night and see you tomorrow.


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