Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Start Of Our Hurricane Season

June 1st signals the start of hurricane season in Florida.  We sort of have PTSD syndrome from our 2004 season when they came two weeks apart so when we hear something is brewing off the coast or in the Gulf, we prepare.  Over the past, 10, 11 years, we have been lucky and have become somewhat complacent but right now there's a depression, soon to turn into a Tropical storm, with Florida in it's site.

We clean up pretty good don't you think? Our neighbors thought we were getting ready to roll. In actuality we are in good position too, but it would have to be a huge storm for us to go. Plus, we are still waiting for our RV repair guy to come.  I'll let you know tomorrow how the storm goes.

The heat index the past few days has been over 100.  Lola and I go out for our constitutional and after she goes, she is ready to head home to the a/c.  The roads are really hot so she runs across to the grass and will actually take the short cut to the coach. Once we get closer, it's a strong walk to the door where she just about puts her head through the door.  I bet she would be the first one to raise their paw if the question was, "Who wants to go to Labrador/Newfoundland?"

Painting? I've started to get ready for the past few days and something always seems to come up. Oh-oh Sheila, was that an excuse?? No not really. The draws in the kitchen were just really getting to me along with five tons of dog hair on the floor so I made the choice to sweep and wipe out the draws.  5 hours later, the day was gone but boy CiCi Blue looked and smelled really fresh. Plus this coming Friday I am flying up to NH to visit my daughter and her family and see our youngest granddaughter's recital! Roger will have a nice area to be with the kids and do his work.

Erin, Morgan, Kelsey and Brian.


Just saw on the news the wealthiest women on Forbes list.  Beyonce, Taylor Swift, just to name a few. They all said they were "following their passion and doing what they love."  Isn't that what I'm doing??  My net worth hasn't even imagined 340 million dollars.  Actually, I'm not even sure it I HAVE a net worth.  Oh well, I'm happy and I'm saving the world by NOT singing!!! 

Think I'll set up my easel now and paint...:-)

See you tomorrow.


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