Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tropical Storm Colin..Waiting

So today was the official start of Tropical Storm Colin. I canceled my chiropractor app't thinking it would hit at any moment. I guess you could say I was excited.  Roger napped for the afternoon. I had read somewhere that men tend to sleep as a big storm approaches, not because they are in avoidance, but due to the pressure of the atmosphere. So, what did I do??

Roger brought home flowers the other day!! So nice to have living stuff in CiCIBlue!  Now what to do!!!!

Sammy doing what Sammy does best...snoozing!

And so it starts!! Don't move Sam!!!

The finished 8" x 10" oil on canvas. 
"Waiting For Colin"


Shipping Included in Price

There...I've done it!! Now we are waiting for the tail end of Colin to pass.  Sammy has moved on to get scratches from Roger at his computer and Ozzie has taken up the position on the couch!!

Where's Lola?? Today is day 1 of Prednisone every other day. She just had breakfast and is happily laying down on the cold tile by the bathroom.  She had a really bad skin allergy from the pollen. This morning I could see the yellow demon on her bottom jowl. The wind from Colin has stirred the pollen up quite well. Grrrr. 

This picture I took from our bathroom window after just 2 minutes of the squall. Crazy. It came and went all night, thunder, wind whistling, and this morning we just have a few more bands coming around. Some of our winter storms this year were worse.  

So what's the plan for today. I know our RV guys aren't coming so I'll be painting. 

Our Granddaughter Kelsey's gymnastic teachers Heart dog went to the Bridge recently so I'm painting him for Kel's to give it to her for a gift. 

So, That's it for now...if anything exciting happens during the day I'll be back tonight!!! ;-)

Have a great day..


  1. I am very glad not to live in Florida any more. Had 36 years of hurricanes to contend with. Some were worse than others, but always worrisome until it is all over. Was never there in an RV, though. That could bring its own problems, as well as self-sufficiency in case of power failure.

    I enjoy seeing your dogs and their most envious life of love that you lavish upon them. I know the feeling! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


  2. Hugs right back at you!! Some of our winter storms this year gave the RV a few rockings..but you are correct, when our power in the park went out we had the generator. Had "guilt" for a tiny bit that others didn't but got over that. I'm thinking this may be our year for a hurricane. As soon as we get the RV fixed up we travel til October!! Sheila

  3. Cute painting, good idea to use the flowers.

  4. Enjoy seeing your paintings. So talented.
    Glad the storm wasn't too bad. The news forecasters up north sometimes make it sound worse than it is. Glad all are safe.
    Safe travels when you leave Crystal Lake.