Sunday, June 19, 2016

What A Week It Was

Last Friday I left for New Hampshire to visit my daughter and see my granddaughter Kelsey's dance recital.

 To say she was born to dance is an understatement.  Her technical steps are perfect, but what moves me to tears watching her is her ability to tell the story through her expressions. I over heard someone say, "She's soo dramatic". She is! It's what set her apart from the others.  Yes, I may be a bit bias, but seeing all of her trophies and medals in her room I think judges are with me on this one.

Movie night! Erin, Brian, Kelsey and Morgan. We watched "Zootopia" 

 On Sunday morning, my oldest granddaughter, Morgan and I went to Portsmouth to have breakfast and shop! The photo on the right here is Roger and my old Condo. The photo on the left is how close we were to downtown Portsmouth. Yes, we miss it!!

Morgan and my glass of sangria!

The trip home. I thought I was getting a great price on my trip, however, it included a three hour layover in Laguardia airport.  Ok, 4, counting the hour wait til all 23 planes took off before us. 

Getting back to work. As I said it was a week.  Last Friday evening a crazed shooter killed an aspiring young singer then early Saturday morning, 2 am, a shooter entered into a night club in Orlando. I know you have all heard about it.
 Sunday, in Orlando at a Disney hotel, a 2 year old boy was grabbed and killed by an alligator.

It's been a week of insanity. Trying to wrap my head around it all has been difficult.  The hotel has put up barriers and signs telling people that we do have alligators in ponds and lakes everywhere.  Too late.

The first time Roger and I went to the Caribbean, my first time out of the country, I was touched by the fact that the people there were just like us. The women had the same issues in their lives as I did. They worried about their children, they laughed, they cried.  I know, it sounds crazy to say it.  They all looked different and dressed differently, but we all shared the same emotions. Love, fear, laughter.... .And so the young men and women in the club early Saturday morning...they had the same emotions that I feel.  That we all feel. No difference. We are all part of the same Universe and each other. Just trying to wrap my head around the thought process of some people who just don't get it.

This is the Artist at 4 months with her favorite man! ;-) My Dad. I miss him every day. I was adopted at 6 weeks old and his love and support through the years has helped make me the person I am today.  Happy Father's day Dad.

To end my scattered thoughts for today I'll show you the flowers Roger brought home. Of course they will be in a painting!!!  Will there be a dog in the painting too?? Not sure. I have my eye fixated on that highlight in the glass. Hmm. So til then..have a great night.


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