Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Glorious Day

And it was! I love Roger and I love being with him and now we are together 24/7 living in an RV.  Complaining? No, not at all, but over the years in the sticks and bricks he went to work and I went to the studio. We had stuff to chat about at night and I painted to my hearts content.

Roger had a massage appointment today at 10:45 A.M. so he left about an hour earlier. That's when I started to work.

First I needed to put on the finishing touches on this oil. I donated a certificate for Pet Portrait to a Lab group and the woman who won asked if I would paint her dog that she recently lost as he entered Heaven.  This is a 12" x 12 " oil on canvas.  When I finished, I had lunch with the fur kids!

Then, OMG, I have the whole day to myself, I worked on the watercolor that I had started. Glorious!!

This is where I stopped and took a quick nap with the kids!!

And, OMG, dinner is ready, I have to stop. Roger is the cook.  The only time I left the coach was to take the lids out. I told Roger that it was a wonderful day and he agreed that it's nice to have an alone day every so often.

So, that's another part of living in a 40' Country Coach.  Time for Jeopardy so off I go!! Yes, I'm a huge fan!!

Have a great night and see you tomorrow!!


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