Thursday, September 29, 2016

Not The Plan I Had

The morning started as usual. Lola barks and wants to get up on the bed. Up she comes and snugs into me as Sammy snugs onto my feet and Ozzie into my head. I look at my phone then Lola moves heaven and earth to get to me so I pet her and give her loves. That's how I wake up. Then the dog park and today was bathroom cleaning day at the park. My plan was to finish some commissions so I set up, had some coffee and started. That's when Wendy, one of the owners, texted to tell me we needed to clean up the rec hall. 5 RV's are coming in as a group on the first for 4 days and they will be using the rec hall for meetings and pot luck dinners.

This was the first plan.

And this became the plan for the day. It's all good, it's part of living at a park and we all chipped in to make it look good!

What is this?? Steve and Connie, the principal owners asked us to try out this dog wash! It won't fit Lola but will Sammy and Ozzie. They step into it then you bring the wand down and back doing the shampoo then clear water and voila'...clean dog!! I'm excited to try it..Sammy and Oz are a little odoriferous!!! (sorry Sam...but it's true) We will take pics when we give him his quickie bath!

Oh look what arrived today!! I've been getting supplies and ordered a larger size watercolor pad. I love working on 300lb paper. It's heavier and strong enough to actually wash off the paint if I hated what was happening. So far I've only washed one, so I feel lucky! I've been writing down my ideas so stay tuned for new watercolor pieces!!

Of course I need to do a show and tell on what Roger made yesterday. When we went to Wick, Scotland, our friend Ray and Roger had to go to the Old Pulteney Distillery. It was closed that time for repairs so they went to the Wick Museum but it didn't stop them from buying and partaking of the single Malt!! It makes the perfect fun lamp filled with red and gold marbles.
I know, we may be ragging alcoholics by the time we finish this adventure in fun bottles!! We have a few friends here at the park that are saving their bottles... thankfully,saving us.

Another thunder storm coming across the park now and we are hoping it doesn't strike us again today.  I was watching the Sand Hill Crane family standing out in the pouring rain and as soon as it stopped for awhile they flew off.  Smart birds!!

That's it for today..Have a great night all and I'll see you tomorrow! You can actually get this blog on your Kindle and take me with you! Just put my name in and you will find it in my book section or just go here!!


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