Wednesday, September 21, 2016

It May Be On Kindle

Years ago I had a blog "Daily Ruminations, Paintings and Labs" and it was on Kindle. It was monetized for .99 for the month. Hey, right now that would be welcome. :-) So, today I decided, why not try this one and blog daily. Ok, stop laughing,I can do this.  It might not be up to the standards of Hemingway but you will  get an idea of what life is like as the snow birds come back to roost for the winter months.

The big excitement here this week was the storm that rolled over us with thunder and lightning.  The flash and sound came at the same time and we knew. This is the beautiful fir tree up by the office.  You can see in front of the tin owls where the lightning struck. Wendy up-righted them , but they flew for the first time in their little lives.

The tree was wrapped with Christmas lights and they were totally blown to bits. The poor tree then started weeping sap. Hoping since it was soaked from the rain that not too much damage was done inside and the tree will survive.  The bolt also hit up at Stuckeys , the gas station in front of the park and knocked our water out for a day. Thankfully we have a water pump and a supply of water.  The weather station tells us more storms this weekend so we are all holding our breath and thanking the heavens for good surge protectors!!

How do you survive financially living full time in an RV. ? It seems like every time we get savings something comes up. Roger and I are both creative so we started a bottle cutting, plant self watering, cute cut bottle planters and soon cute bottle terrarium business.

Right now we are building up our stock, they are everywhere, and will start with the local flea market to see how they sell. My thought too with tons of bubble wrap and noodles we can also sell on line!! hint,hint!!

Roger created an over the table light with an Edison bulb. An old fashion look. I want to frost a bottle and see how it then effects the glow.  So many ideas. Plus my paintings!!! Busy busy Bee me!!!

So, actually, I guess I may have a bit to chat about daily if the blog goes to Kindle!

Oh wait...this is exciting!! At least to me. We keep our kids away from other dogs here at the park. Sammy is sometimes afraid and not so hospitable. Ozzie is great and I wasn't sure about Lola. If she charges I can't hold her and I would be at the dog before her.  Then we would greet another dog as a pack. There is a 14 year old black Lab female in the park. Candy. I have a huge soft spots for older Labs and female. Her human came out to say hi as Lola and I were walking past and around the corner came Candy. Woof woof she said. Marilyn asked if they could meet and I said ah, no, that I was afraid Lola would hurt her. But then as I started walking I changed my mind. Candy and Lola came nose to nose and greeted each other.  Lola was probably wondering what happened to Sammy, but she was just fine. Huge success!! Candy started to chat a bit then so we went our way.

So that's it for now...and I will see you tomorrow!!! 

Stay safe,

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