Tuesday, September 27, 2016

No Internet Boo Hiss

My fault! We pay 30.00 a month for internet and as I went to do my blog, my internet subscription had ended. I had to wait for a day to get back on, I think you know how that goes sometimes.  But I'm back!!!

Today is Lola's birthday!! We have had her for three years but today she is 4!! Frosty paws and a treat Kong as we sang to her.

Happy Birthday to Youuuuu!!!

The birthday Kong! 

What else did we do? I painted. 

My space is getting smaller and smaller every day. My goal is to get that new plein air easel so I can work standing up and have more room for larger pieces.

Right now I actually have a list of work to complete for my clients, so I work on many in one day.  This si a 20" x 20" oil on canvas. I'm pleased how it's coming out!!

Let's see, one other thing that I'm excited about. My order of glass paint is arriving tomorrow. Roger picked up two  wine glasses for me to practice on.  This November a group of women are coming up to the park to do something creative while their husbands are playing golf.  They are also RV people and my artist friend will be coming up to lend me a hand. We thought painting wine glasses would be a fun two hours for them. 

Our bottle cutting continues and we are seriously running out of room in CiCiBlue. You may hear me scream very soon. It is getting cooler out so one day we will open up all the basement bays and take everything out and either pitch or redistribute.  There's just so much ...STUFF!!  Time to get it pulled together and get to the flea market and see how it goes. Fingers crossed. 

Ok, see you tomorrow then. Have a great night...and yes, this blog was published on Kindle Blogs. You can take me with you as you travel...I mean..you don't want to miss the actual completion of CiCiBlue and the start of our travels. 


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