Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Fun Surprise

One of the new full time people here in the park is Glen. A tall willowy guy that looks like he just walked out of the 60's. Soft spoken, kind and a commercial fisherman. Oh, and he loves Lola and she likes him but still sits on my feet and presses her back against me. After a few weeks of his not being able to go out and fish due to the hurricane then the weather out in the ocean, he was finally able to go out today. The weather out there is still 8' seas so he fished more towards land and caught Spanish Mackerel.

The other day Roger helped him move his refrigerator into his rig so I guess we have bonded.

Glen brought them over to the porch we sit on for Happy Hour and just said divide them up. He did laugh when he saw my face when I saw the whole fish and said, "If I fillet the fish, I eat it".  Got it Glen, we are filleting!! Jack, our other neighbor stopped over and sat on the cooler to chat for a bit.  The conversation finally got around to Glen's catch of the day and the fish that were too small to sell, or the ones damaged from the dolphin eating part of them, and how he was sitting on said booty! Jack was last seen over on his picnic table filleting away.

Now guess what we are having for dinner!! Roger is preparing our feast as we speak. I'll let you know how it is tomorrow! I will say it's good to have a commercial fisherman in the park!

So a good end to the day with good friends, wine and laughs, and thankful Glen didn't catch an undersized tuna!!

See you all tomorrow and have a great night!


  1. Glad to read that you got through the hurricane! Lived in South Florida for 36 years, and saw a fair number of them. Always worrisome. Nice to have a fisherman in your midst! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


  2. Thanks Judie.. We were soo lucky with this hurricane. And yes it is great to have a fisherman. We got two nights yummy dinner from his catch!
    Hugs, Sheila