Monday, October 24, 2016

Playing Catch Up

The hurricane totally threw me off balance. We had stuff everywhere trying to get things into the coach to leave without getting some outside dirt off. As you know, this means getting the things plus dirt out.  When did CiCiBlue get so small?? (Silent Scream face here!!) Our stash of wine bottles stuffed in the slide out, my art stuff, stuffed everywhere...Blog?? I couldn't think. Nor paint. I did however, Crochet.

Still a long way to go but it's been therapeutic. 

Our friends, Betty and Bob, returned and so did our daily happy hour. You can see this is from the Rec Hall porch and CiCiBlue is the 4th from the left peeking out. I know Ozzie is in the front window watching our every move!!

Around 2:45 P.M. I try and stretch out and do my leg exercises. Stop laughing, I did them just before Sammy and I curled up together. Honest!

Roger and I went to the Flea Market yesterday to reserve a table for November. Sunday is said to be the busiest so we signed for that day. My daughter will be here on the 20th so we did skip that one. Testing the market for our glass recycled wine planters and things so keep your fingers crossed.  We are hoping that it turns out to be something we can do to bring in an income as we travel. We WILL travel at some point..honest!!  Other friends that were here last year and needed work done on their rig gave me the number of another mobile engine repair man. Just called him but he's not taking new customers until November 1st. I know he's north of us so I bet he's dealing with hurricane repairs there. We had an issue with our oil pressure gauge last year and hopefully he can find out the cause. The consensuses is that it's wiring under our rig.

I'm thankful for new commission work that is coming in! I have my eye set on a new easel that will make life so much easier.

Time to throw in laundry..the washer/dryer only takes a bit at a time then takes 6 days to do it. Not really, a few hours but not as fast as your house washer /dryer. Thanks for hanging in there with me and I'll be back tomorrow for more tantalizing news. (ok, I saw you all roll your eyes....;-) )


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