Thursday, October 6, 2016

Last Post Before We Are Hit

Spent all day yesterday cleaning around our area. Lord we collected a bunch of junk.  Got it cleaned and slides in ending by putting the white light of protection around our girl.

She had to stay. See the stairs? They are way out and won't go in due to not being fully repaired when the guys were up. We would look like a scene from Ben Hur's chariot race with the spikey wheels. Not a good thing on the highway.  She WILL be fine.

Everyone has left the park. We are so close to Cape Canaveral and that's where they say it will come really close to. I will be surprised though since everyone has said through the years that the way the land goes is why NASA built the space program out there. We have had tropical storms but never a hurricane there. What is Mathew thinking!

Our friends,Lois and Bobs 5th wheel. The picnic tables are all tipped over so they don't fly.

So we drove off about 4 pm yesterday and drove about 30 miles inland to Roger's cousin Vitas house.

After living in a mini space this is huge!! It's also cement block with a huge back yard that for now is fenced in so the kids can go out and run.

Finally, before we left, Roger and I both took photos of our belongings inside and out.  Insurance purposes. We WILL be fine.

So there you have it. We have cases of water, food and safe haven. What more could we ask for. Maybe less stress would be good though. LOL

Stay safe and I'll blog again when I can. Charging the phone and computer now so hopefully I can give you an update.



  1. So glad you in a safer location. We were worried about you being out there in the motor home!Keeping you in our thoughts & prayers.

  2. Best wishes and good thoughts to you that the storm will miss your RV park. You were so smart to move to a safer area. Good luck, and I'm hoping that your next post will be full of gratitude that everything is FINE in and around your motorhome. :)