Sunday, October 2, 2016

Football Sunday And Cleaning

The original plan was to go to the "bah" and watch the Patriots play. Thankfully we didn't since they were shut out and it was an awful game. Roger was sick last night and not back to snuff today so we stayed home.

This is everything off the floor or hiding in the closet after leaping off their hangers. Some is bound for laundry, some for trash.  Vacuuming dog hair, starting laundry then heading to our bathroom and on hands and knees,washing the floor.  Ok, that was not fun but right now it sparkles. The order is out, no shedding, no throwing clothes just anywhere, and Lola, no splatting drool on our wall to wall mirror or tv.  (Figure the odds on that happening)

The stuff is gone or clean, but now I'm seeing a blah bedroom. Ozzie likes to gnaw on the bedspread and it has holes in it and I also see that our A/C is leaking.  What you are also seeing is where I went to lay after everything because my back was just screaming.  So every comforter we have had, Ozzie has tasted. The only thing he does not chew on is my crocheted blanket so I'm my spare time... to crochet a bright colorful granny square blanket for the bed.  I'm also wanting to paint that area by my pillows and the sconce a cool pale green.  I think the brown and beige is getting to me.  We also need new wall sconces  because, Ozzie, yes..with his tail, knocked the one on Roger's side and broke it.  :-(   Did I get to paint??

The parks Sandhill Crane family. 
 We witnessed their mating dance then met the baby! The "baby" is the one standing and doesn't have his red markings on his head as yet. Mum is laying down and resting. Across the road stands "Dad" watching that his family is safe. They do take turns in the watching part as two may eat. It has really been quite wonderful to watch the whole event unfold!

We are watching Hurricane Mathew quite closely. We are close to the cone of uncertainty being only a few miles from the coast here. Hoping just wind and rain.

Just about time for a glass of wine and just kick back for the night so please have a great night yourselves.

See you tomorrow.

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