Tuesday, May 2, 2017

29 Days And Counting Down

Holy cow we have a lot to do.  Clean out a storage unit, clean up our basement in CiCi Blue...

This is just one of my bays. Our anti-gravity chairs need to be in here.  Now to figure out where I put my art supplies in an already crowded coach. Throw stuff out? Oh dear Lord,NO. I may need that pencil at some point. (Hmm, was that just an unexpected pun?) Anyway, that's just one job on my to do list.  Re cover the chairs before we leave? Oh Oh, the ADHD is kicking in..Oh those shiny objects!!

So we haven't had rain in over a month and it's been so humid and hot. One day we did a rode trip to an RV park out by the river that our friend is moving to. He bought a trailer, much larger than his small class C. The park is small, only enough room for maybe 10 or 15 units and it looks as though once you are in you will never leave. Shades of Hotel California?  However, I did fall in love.

The spell was broken when our friend Glen, a commercial fisherman, told us that if red tide came we would suffer from the smell and allergies and oh, those black flies that started to swarm. Sigh. I'll have to find another place that I can dangled my feet in the water on a horridly hot day.

OMG..what is this phenomena? Yes it finally rained. Not much but it's a start. The fires have been all over the State and it's been scary to say the least. About 4 years ago the people in this park had about 10 minutes, if that, to get things together and leave. The fire swept through leaving burnt trees. Thankfully no one was hurt.

Lola, Roger and I had a bath! It actually felt good with the heat. The hose just seemed to point everywhere but on Lola, though we did manage to give her a good scrub. It's getting close to having her get her summer clip. Walks are now shorter and it's her decision. I remember back in the 60's when it was cool to wear your Mum's old fur coat and sweat under it's weight. Lola says, "Hey, I'm a Newfie, I'm already cool..shave off this fur!!!". That's on the to do before we leave list too.

The last of our Happy Hour friends have left. We had a fabulous dinner in their coach along with our son and fiance. Lots of laughs and great conversation. It's not forever, we will meet in November at the rv park along the Colorado as they are joining us. (Working on loosing my this years happy hour weight. 😱)

Best surprise gift ever.  We actually have 3 french presses but Pamela and Jamie found this orange one and gave it to me. The lid screws on and the handle allows you to open the spout and pour your coffee.  Love the color because as you know, I dislike beige!! Speaking of surprises the other huge one was our electric bill this month at the park. We have always paid more than others and at times, wayyy more.  My experiment this month was to do laundry in our Splendide using just cold water and hang out shirts outside and only drying what was totally necessary. We have a Hydro Hot system that keeps us in hot water when we need it. Some said to change it but it's my guilty pleasure so it stays!  Other things stayed the same. The A/C was on since it was massively hot out. Our bill this month? $51.00. I'm telling you we have had some expensive laundry bills!! To say the least I'm excited to have discovered this. I had no clue how much electric would be used just by having the hot water heat up for a wash. Lesson learned and cold water works just fine and why would anyone wear white pants with three dogs anyway. Oh well.

                                                                 MY ARTWORK
I have been finishing up commission work and then I'll be head first into new work. Keeping a stream of funds will be important while traveling so I'm hopeful you will find something you won't be able to live without.

Yup, that's a nasty storm brewing just south of us.  We should get something from it so we have prepared and welcome the rain.

Thank you for following along my static journey so far and soon to be a rolling adventure.  I'll be doing a new video soon so that will be fun. Have a great day and I'll see you soon...Counting down!!!!


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