Saturday, October 21, 2017

Almost There

Really? Yes, we are almost to our winter destination in California. This morning we left Williams and drove 100 miles to Kingman, Az. and the Blake Ranch RV Park. Huge sites and quiet, a dog run for the kids and a Super Walmart close by so we can stock up before we leave here. Two nights! Love following the 222 rule. 200 miles a day, arrive by 2:00 P.M. and stay 2 nights.

The scenery started to change as we get closer to California.  I think this was the beginning of the 6% grade that seemed to go on forever. But what a view! 

One could only wish!!!

I'm sure this can be a painting. I think of Gordon Lightfoot singing about "ribbons of highway". Notice bumps in road. CiCiBlue is so good. I don't hear a rattle inside.

Our bodies are finally getting accustomed to the altitude. Finally. We passed a point that had a sign stating we were at 5000 feet. No headache but my nose ran. Haha. I am known for Googling everything so naturally I read about altitude sickness. I had to laugh when I read that people living for long periods of time at sea level will probably be affected more than others. We can attest to that fact. Lola and I walked up and down hills in New Hampshire all summer and were fine. Here? I huff and puff up and back then feel like I need a nap. Next week we will be back down to about 500 feet. 

Again, Sammy got us to our destination. At 12, he seems to have a new lease on life on this trip. He gets so excited getting to new places and exploring and won't come back until he's ready. (He's on his lead with Roger, not loose) As soon as we say "let's get your outfit on" he's wagging his tail and wiggling all over the place. (yes, we say silly things to our dogs)

This is the view out our front window today. Not a cloud in the sky. 

We took the kids down to the dog run. It's fenced in so they can be off lead and move about.  Lola and Ozzie always love to play so I said, "Lola, get Ozzie!"  Off she went and jumped over him, with him turning and jumping on her. Dust was flying. My first thought was Oh Crap..dust in the rig, then remembered that with all the places we have stayed and all the dust blowing, Lola's dusty fur is the least of our worries. She's having fun!! With each jump and turn I see her looking for me. She's somewhere new. She runs to me then to the gate and I know what that means so we get ready but take the long way back so she gets to experience more. When we get back to the coach she wants to climb through the door to get inside. 

They have such a tough life. Roger does the driving and they are exhausted when we get here! 

9.25" x 9.25" 
watercolor and gouache on 300 lb paper
color may vary on computers

Yesterday was really gusty and we stayed an extra day in Williams. REALLY gusty. Tumbleweed and dust flying everywhere and we noticed yet another awning decided to roll itself back up. It's a slide topper over our passenger side slide out. I had started this piece awhile back in our adventure so I decided to finish while we blew about. Driving with wet oil paints isn't a good plan, sigh, yes I need to touch up my first Painting Across America Series piece. Flying dog hair wasn't part of the plan!

Supply shopping tomorrow then on Monday I think we may be heading for our final destination. Black Meadow Landing in Parker Dam, Ca.  Of course ,weather depending. We drove today with gusts of 15-16 MPH. Not that strong but I could see Roger correcting every so often so I knew we were getting blasts. Thankfully the rest of the awnings were scared and stayed on the coach! 

At the beginning of this row that we are in there is a newer Country Coach Allure. Black and gray and has it's awning over the door intact and the slide topper on the passenger side slideout. We are thinking CiCiBlue just wanted a spa day! Sounds good to me. Looking at the newer coach then past to ours, she stood proud and she's getting us there!!! 

Have a great night all and see you tomorrow!


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  1. Can't wait to see what its like when you get there,xx Speedy and Rachel