Monday, October 9, 2017

Monday In Arkansas

When I'm walking in Memphis, with my feet 10 feet off of Beale... Yes I sing going through areas that have been a song. Just wait til I get to Tucumcari!! Now trying to get onto I 40 West from all of this mess was insane but Roger did fantastic. We did drive by St. Jude but I didn't get a photo because of speed and trees. Huge hospital.

And then there was the bridge. Roger is great and stays in the center lane for me. I did hear him say, "Are you looking?"  I did take a quick peek because I don't want to miss a thing.  And that sounds like an Aerosmith tune....

Sammy got us to our next stop for the night in Forrest City, Arkansas. Yes, I write down everyday where we stop because it all becomes a huge blur. Haha.  This was Delta Ridge RV Park. It's right off the interstate and behind a shopping mall. Easy to get to even though we drove past the entrance, but that's part of our adventure isn't it. Level gravel sites that are pull thru so we didn't have to unhook our dolly and car. Bonus! Flowers and grass areas, just a nice in and out park for travelers. The grass was different from what Lola has walked on. She kept picking up her paws and looking at them as we walked. She rushed back to our house and just wanted to hide. Such a goof!!

The expanse!!! 

When I went across country back in the 70's the silos were wood. This looks like the tin man fell! 

Then there were mountains. We entered into the Ozark area. 

Woohooo! At one point there was a sign that said "Overlook". We were climbing up towards it so I got my phone ready to take the pic. I should have because what we saw were people standing on the top of picnic tables trying to see the view. Hysterical. 

And..oh look!!!! Sammy got us to yet another place for the night!! Park Ridge Campground, Van Buren, Arkansas. Individual pull thru sites with full hook up and the bonus is that the owners drive their golf cart in front of you and escort you to your site. They drive the route how you should be drivng your vehicle. Wide turns then stay to the right so you miss the electric box and sewer top. Thankfully our side mirrors missed the tree!! All part of the adventure!!

So there you have the update. Tomorrow we go to Clinton, Oklahoma! We are staying two days so I can paint and get laundry done. The dogs have been fantastic traveling but it will be nice for them not to be jogged about for a day.

Hoping for internet tomorrow, but for now, have a great night and see you soon!


And ohhhh, the paintings I have planned!!! Painting Across America!!!

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