Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Are We In A Dream And Repairs

We have been here a week now and I'm still trying to comprehend that we, first, actually made it across country, and 2nd, that we are surrounded by mountains that change color magnificently throughout the day. The weather is perfect and for the past few days there have been clouds. I love clouds. Now to get accustomed to the fact that everyone in my family and our friends are three hours ahead of us. How bizarre! haha.

I ride my bike everyday to explore and to "escape". Sometimes I ride up to where we were first parked to say hi to Russ and Annie. Then stop by the office to say hit to Joy, from Massachusetts. Then I roll back down the hill and go out onto the point of land that no one is on. Not a sound except for the Coot birds diving or fluttering in the water or on a windy day, the wind going through the trees out there. I plan in my head where I want to paint.

Today as I was visiting with Russ and Annie, they told me come November and December when the regulars return, there will be a few artists and authors in the group and come Spring they do a small show of their work. Yes, very exciting!!

Ok, repairs? Well, CiCiBlue did come all these miles and she just couldn't help it. When we moved down to Row B and internet we plugged in and only got half our electric. Two men had no clue that looked at it. From what I hear trying to find out what's causing an electric problem in an RV is difficult. Finally great minds and a few nights tossing and turning worrying about it, it was discovered that our inverter was causing the problem. It's only 3 years old but one of the panels in it decided to just stop working. The service tech is coming this week to remove it so Roger can take Ozzie and drive 4 hours to Griffin? Arizona to the factory there to have it repaired. Why Ozzie? I can take out Lola and Sammy but a third kid would be nuts. They would stay over since it takes another 4 hours to repair it then they can drive another 4 hours to return. (deer in headlight eyes here)

But wait... that's not all. Our two house batteries that they installed when we bought CiCi are dying. We thought, being total newbies, that they were deep cycle. They weren't. Our RV tech has ordered two new deep cycle batteries for us and will deliver those when he appears sometime this week.

Don't speak. I know, in ,what, 4 months?, we have had major repairs. Short of standing out on a corner my plan is painting 6" x 6" plein air pieces for my Painting Across America series. All will be $100.00 and I'm hoping they will be colorful and spectacular!! (I'll have to paint 100 of them to get from under but that's part of the adventure) Then, a repair on our sewer bay door. A zillion miles and as we get here that rock just moved right into our path. (too tight on the corner actually) Our friend Bob is helping Roger with that one. Bless him!!

So in the scheme of things everything above is minor. Look what wanders around. There are two males and about 4 females so far and probably more to come. They say come Spring and mating season they run down the roads and you really have to watch out because they don't stop! Those crazy kids!!

So, time for happy hour! Have a great night and wishing you great dreams too. See you tomorrow!!



  1. Sheila you are beautiful and such a poet. You see the world through the eyes of a child!
    Love ya, Ann