Tuesday, October 24, 2017

We Made It And Moved From The Cheap Seats

We made it to California!!! CiCiBlue did fantastic! The last day was a somewhat short drive but coming in to Black Meadow Landing, over the mountains skinny road, was quite a ride. I was laughing but it may have been a hysterical laugh, like, we are going to die laugh. But we didn't! Roger did fantastic!

These are the pics that I could take. I was holding on for dear life when we went almost straight incline to a right twist and a second twist to the left on the downward side. There were also signs that said to watch out for the wild burros that walk along the road. Hopefully not in the middle of one of our twists.

We saw burro droppings all along the miles but then.... They are totally un phased by us and walked right across. One was biting the leg of another while one more kicked. 

We made it!!!

Check in took longer than expected. Probably because we were tired and just anxious to get to our spot.

I jokingly call them the "cheap seats". It's a row of sited that you back into between to large hills. They are also the lower tiered priced area. I didn't mind this area, lower price for the season, but there was no cell phone signal, internet or tv reception. 5 months? 

This morning though as I was laying in bed with Ozzie beside me I heard him doing a low growl. "What are you growling at bud?" I turned and this is what I saw. I opened the screen so I could get a clear photo and there was a hummingbird flitting just about 12" from my window. What a way to wake up.

After coffee there was a group discussion about internet and going up to the office to see what's what. I stayed and chatted with Joy, the camp host, because we sound similar when we speak. She's from Cape Cod! I grew up ,as you know, in Boston and summered every year with my family on the Cape.  Roger, Betty and Bob rode off to see the sites that Joy recommended. One more move was in store for us. 

Row B. All 50 amp and a great view, right now, of Lake Havasu. The wind has been crazy today, so we didn't get much outside work done but I cleaned up a lot of the dust and dirt inside from our travels. Then called an RV repair man. Oh ya, it's either our house batteries are dying or something is wrong electrically. Only one leg of our electric system is working tonight. Hopefully he calls tomorrow and we can get it all back. It's all part of the adventure though isn't it!

It's dusk and soon it will be pretty dark out there so we make sure we walk the kids before that happens. So all, we have internet, cell service, but no TV. (It's on that broken circuit) 

Have a great night and see you tomorrow!!


PS, saw our first Road Runner tonight. Didn't have my camera ready but I'm sure there will be more!


  1. Beautiful view - glad you arrived safely. Really enjoy all your beautiful and fantastic pictures. ENJOY!

    1. Thanks Joanne. We will. Nice to be here, now to relax!!!