Sunday, May 18, 2014

Excited and Overwhelmed

This is me yesterday modeling for Roger. He just got a new lense that blocks out the background and enhancing the object. Ok, notice my swollen top lip. sigh. We had Mexican for lunch and it started swelling after that. Not sure if it's stress related, dehydration, a lot of coffee this week rather than water or an allergy from something in my lunch. Since today my lip is cracking I'm thinking dehydration. (and stress )

So today I am not doing a thing in the house. I am instead downloading fun movies onto my tablet and Kindle. The first one was Robin Williams in RV!  I also have been doing internet searches for new mattresses. Friends of ours bought a Queen Elite memory foam super duper gel one and they love it. Sounds good to me!  Then Corelle dishes? Or some of my own. We're starting a new life so maybe Corelle!

Found a Pinterest page with all sorts of ideas for organizing the RV. My kids will faint!! (My daughter and son that is, not the furkids) I have never been known for my "organizational skills" . So, my thought is if I have so little but just what I need life will be good.

The next big decision was, where do we park the "baby".  We can't put it in our driveway and the neighborhood would complain after 48 hours.  A few months back I called an RV park north of us to check if they allowed Dogs. YES ! They even have a new dog run. So I called them again. Take your pick the owner said. Crystal Lake Rv Park in Mims, Florida.  Drive through sites and 50 amp service.

We want to stay for two months to learn everything about our new home on wheels, get the dogs accustomed to living in it and clear our out our sticks and bricks home. "Do I need to get a reservation?" No she answered, just drive in. I told her we'd be the ones waving wildly out the window.

I have work to do in my studio still so I'll bring the dogs down to our house for the day then go back up to Mims at night to sleep.

The planning stage is exciting. Where are we going?? Maybe head north! We'll have to get our maps out and figure a route.

I also contacted Amy of Go Pet Friendly. She and her husband and 2 dogs travel in their new Itasca Meriden and chart the best places for pets to go and have fun, eat and camp. A great place for info. She also, like us, has a white couch. What were the makers of these things thinking. LOL She uses a regular full fitted sheet over her couch. So yesterday my first purchase was a black fitted sheet. We'll see. They have fancier ones but I'll try this first!!

Well that's it for today!! heading back to the lip shall lead the way!

Warmly, Sheila


  1. LOL, Thanks Miriam..Glad you are on the journey with me!!! xx

  2. I used a plain jersey knit fitted sheet on my sofa. Fit well.

  3. You''re making progress. A place to park is all you need.

  4. We travel with two rescued cocker spaniels and as long as they are with us, they are happy. One reason we got the RV was to take the dogs with it. They do not socialize with other dogs so we don't use the dog parks, but lots of people do. I was curious as to how long your new RV is.

    1. Cathie, it's 40 feet. The two slides in front will be the best.
      We don't do dog parks either. We were at one here and a pack came over the hill and swarmed our oldest. He was frightened and a fight started. The group of people who were sitting under a tree chatting asked us to leave. They liked to chat more than watch their dogs. Sammy is a rescue too. I saw in some places if they have a yellow ribbon tied to their lead people would know they have anxiety and are in training.

  5. I love hearing all about it! Exciting!

    1. Thanks it is! Then overwhelming, then exciting. Lol it's the " if you could go any where in the country you wanted to go where would you go first?" Overwhelming! Hahaha.