Friday, May 16, 2014

The Perfect One!

I'm going to start this story a year back when I first started to do research for our perfect RV.  After all the reading, I decided I wanted a Country Coach. Built fantastic and meant to last but probably way out of our reach.  Well I put it out to the Universe!

So we walked and climbed in and out of 5th wheels then Class A. It had to be a diesel since we wanted to travel and paint.  A few weeks ago Roger said, "Why don't we inquire about the Rv at Lazy Days. I believe it was Holiday Rambler Neptune. It was taken. So I asked my hero, Ken Hanson at Lazy Days RV, what about the Country Coach.

Well, it had a deposit on it! Gone. A few days later I looked again, my daily ritual, and saw the Country Coach was available. Called and asked and the person who had wanted it lost his financing. That was the day I felt bad for him and asked about another coach. Ken told me about another. Roger said lets go look at it then thought, HMM, lets go look at the Country Coach!!!

This morning as we were driving to Lazy Days RV.  Nervous yet hopeful. Also, hungry. No breakfast.

 We met up with Ken, Oh did I forget to tell you we put a "hold" payment down on the coach?  Well it was noon and Ken gave us coupons for the lunch special. Meanwhile, everyone there is so friendly and nice and saying hello, is there anything they can do for us?

Lazy Days is so large we had to travel around in a large golf cart. What a place!!!

I'm doing this one next so you know....YES!!!! 

Our first view of our new to us beast!! It's in the factory part of Lazy Days being gone over. Cleaned and made perfect!  It's our 2004 Country Coach Allure Newport Layout. 3 slides. 2 inh front. Huge area and one in the bedroom.

It has a tag axle which drives nicer and lets me bring, as I told Roger, more shoes! Standing next to them I feel dwarfed.

As you see they have things apart and doing updates on the electrical systems and getting the TVs to work perfect. I absolutely love the kitchen area.  A walk thru bathroom on the way to the bedroom, big shower and actually loads of space for the Kids!!!Sitting across from Roger with the living room slides out is wider than our home living room! 

Our Baby!!! Well as soon as we sign all the paperwork and get everything checked.  But I have to say the Universe knew exactly what I wanted!!! 

To end, I am saying, you CAN have the life you have dreamt about!!

Huge thank you again to Ken Hanson and everyone who worked with us to make this happen at Lazy Days!!!

Warmly, Sheila  (who just took some aspirin and now is getting the bottle of champagne out to celebrate with my shell shocked husband!!) 


  1. Great Post and great news. Congratulations!!!!

  2. Thank you Lou!!! We are excited!!!

  3. That universe thing is amazing isn't it. Congrats