Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Monday...

Today Roger and I had a to-do list. Heads still spinning, it was going to take a lot of energy. haha.

My job was to call Lazy Days to find out about Insurance for the RV.  I was sure it would be a zillion dollars but no! We spoke to Chris there and after going through all his companies he found the least expensive to be Blue Sky. Blue Sky Insurance just deals with RV's.  They also have a 10 payment deal which we jumped right on!!

Roger's job was to contact our finance company. USAA. He just has to do an internet signature tonight and the deal is done!

Our task this evening is to check out road service. I pulled up Coach-Net and find they are really reasonable.

Not much artwork today. I did however go to target and got a few things for our first night in our coach.

Of course we'll have wine but I always need my coffee first thing in the morning!! I'm sure I'll get more Corelle plates after we land in the campground.

Well, 4pm is my massage!! So I'll say see ya til tomorrow. It's been a great day!!

Warmly, Sheila


  1. You are doing so great....accomplishing a to do list per day... Love the plates...