Monday, May 12, 2014

After A Quiet Mother's Day...

I had a really nice day yesterday with my Daughter -in-Law and grandson and Roger. We went for brunch at Fishlips up in Port Canaveral.  Mimosas and Mimosas and a nice breakfast to boot.

Today is a back to work day.

Started by blocking in a Lab for a portrait commission I have. This is where I can see where I need to tweek areas and re draw before I start to paint.  I already see areas that need to be addressed but I'll get to that tomorrow!!  I take a medication so that I focus. I forgot it this morning so my thoughts were all over the place on other things I needed to do so I came home.

Stopped at Staples to get some bubble wrap to ship a few paintings off and also bought...a plastic box.

I have been picking them up when I go to start putting my clothes into for the RV.  I figure if I do this now I feel it's all getting closer.  On the RV scene, the two RV's we were looking at were sold. It's all good. They just weren't meant for us.! Lazy Days sure has been busy selling our RV's. hahaha!

You did what Sheila?? Yes we have a baby chainsaw. When we first moved here 15 years ago, we bought a  $14.00 Bougainvillea and planted it out by the air conditioner in this little area that was screened.  No one told us it would grow to be a Godzilla tree. So today I got my baby chain saw and started sawing through branches. The poor tree is knocking over the screened area and I'm terrified one day it will topple on the dogs or me when I'm out there. It's also the area we found out is the home of a Possum and her babies.  How do I know? Sammy attacked the baby and Lola brought it in to our bedroom at 6: 30am this morning as a prize.  I gathered it in a box and brought it outfront. You never know if it's really dead or just playing. And yes, I'm still doing the "eeek", "euuu" dance , arms waving and feet jumping about. Where was Roger? Directing from the shower!!

You can see some of my "Precision" cuts!!  I'll go out this afternoon and do more. Way to hot!!

Now to go do my online search for the perfect ONE!!

Sheila (chain saw Mama!!)
and a P.S. Just contacted Lazy Days to find out a price on an incoming RV. (Giddy)


  1. Hi Sheila! I am also an artist - about to retire from teaching in June and leaving in my Pop-up for the open road. I find some type of change always helps my creativity so traveling around should be a wonderful muse. Good Luck!

  2. Pam, You also!!!! Keep in touch and we can hopefully connect and talk art in the sunset!!! It's exciting isn't it!!!

  3. Truly love your sense of humor!