Thursday, May 22, 2014

So What Did Today Bring!

Eye doctor's appointment.!  Maybe not quite ready for cataract surgery.  So, I went to paint at my studio.

This is Sophie. A sweet Maltese that belongs to Susan, my studio mate. Sophie is our "studio dog". Or should I say "Muse". This is oil on a 6" x 6' cradled wood board. I told Susan she might get it if I see Pistachio ice cream around the studio. :-)

Then home to the kids. There's been a few long days this week and they really love to play when I get here. They so know something is going on but not sure what. It's making them a bit insecure. More vocal, more antsy.

This is Sammy. His Greg Louganis dive. We give him a 7.5. Too much splash.

 Sammy again contemplating the dive.  Will he be able to eliminate the splash this time?

Ozzie with his ever present tennis ball. He plans on dropping it next to me so that I may then pick it up and throw it out the door.

And last but not least, LOLA BEAR!! She's thinking about woofing right now. She dislikes me sitting and not doing something like rubbing her back or just chatting with her. She also likes standing in front of the tv so no one can see it. I think she protects us from the dogs and people in there.

Lastly tonight, we found the Perfect Chairs!!!

We have a Bass Pro shop near us so we went to "Look" , 
Now we have 2!!! Perfect for sitting outside our new RV!

Ok, that's it for tonight. Going out back to play ball with Roger and the kids!

Warmly, Sheila


  1. Great chaird. They indeed do oil like the orfect chair. Nice job.

  2. We wish you loads of fun adventures and happiness as you set out.

  3. oh I wanna come and play in the pool with them!

  4. I love those chairs, but they are not easy to take to group campfires, etc! We bought some small folding canvas type for taking to group events, the beach, riverside, etc. the zero gravity chairs are great for lazing by the RV with kindle in hand!

    1. Thanks Cathie, good point!! We do have regular ones so they will come!