Wednesday, May 24, 2017

EIGHT Plus 4 ?

Oh noooo. I keep saying two steps forward or is it that one step forward two steps back. More like two steps back today.

Wow, Sheila, you say..that's huge! Not the size but getting it connected. One of the owners stopped behind us in her truck to watch, and yes, giggle as we proceeded. Not ever having a hitch or two dolly we seemed all thumbs but got it connected. Then to connect wires and make sure lights and brakes work. I was at the drivers end stepping on the brake. Nada! Back to square one. So also when you turn the engine on your steps, yes THOSE steps, are supposed to retract. Nada! We looked at the repair from the last time the rv guys were here and it didn't hold. Called the rv repair guys!

One of our neighbors came over and helped Roger figure out the wiring issue and we finally got all signals and brake lights to work so now onto hooking up the tow dolly brakes. I went back to my post in the drivers seat and stepped on the brake. Roger was to turn a piece in the controls until it turned green then we would be good. Nada! Called the repair guys and added on this issue onto the list. The instructions for the brake hookup call for the ground wire to be in a certain place on the connector so we are thinking this may be our issue. Tomorrow is another day to think about it, do research and call the manufacturer,  When we got the dolly the owner is the one who brought it and assured us that he is always available for phone calls.

The bad acting stairs. Lola is checking them out with me. 

How am I feeling about this?  Just part of the adventure. It's actually taken off some of the stress by giving us a few more days to get things done. Our arrival in NH is for June 15 so we have time.  Our new blast off date is now Monday, June 5. This week we finish things so we can get over to Cummins next week. 

Waiting right now for a crazy storm to blow through so I'll end and say, see you tomorrow!!!

Have a great night!