Thursday, May 11, 2017

OMG..Day #21

Where is the time flying to? People leaving, new people coming in. I don't know the new people and other than a wave I probably wont really get to know them. It's all good!

So what have I been doing? You really didn't want to see a sweaty Sheila and hearing me groan and grunt trying to get down and under the slide out to get to the basement. I emptied one and put in the chairs and the other I moved boxes around and placed photos that I couldn't quite get rid of as yet.

So much neater than before and I'll be able to haul the chaises out easily. 

View from the door at our bottom stair. Roger placed a metal plate under the stair to be a support for bondo. That's what he's doing now. We bought new treads for the stairs after this is finished and now no dogs or humans will rip their feet on departing or entering. Yeah Roger!!

Our friends Amanda and Smitty met us the other day for lunch at 
Norwood's Eatery and Treehouse Bar in 
New Smyrna Beach.

It really is built in trees and the food is great!

They are now on their way to Alaska!! Great adventures!!

Before we head out we are purchasing this. It comes with four monitors but we will have to but extras since we have a few more wheels to cover! It will let us know if the tires are over heating or loosing pressure which will save us from a tire blowing.  When we took the RV driving class we were told how to handle the RV if one of our tires did blow. Our first response would be to slow down but it's the exact opposite. Speeding up and getting control of the rig then you can start to slow and get off the road. My hope is the tire monitor will help us avoid all of that stress. 

Around 2 P.M. I usually stretch out on the bed and hang my right leg over the side to stretch muscles. I bring my phone and check messages, play a few games and usually have something fun to munch on. Yes, Ozzie loves me but he knows my program. Hoping that I drop some crumbs that he can help me with.! While I'm chatting about the furkids let me tell you this story that I figured out today. We get our dogfood shipped to us and it's great. I have been getting Acana Pacifica, grain free. On the expensive side but after loosing two Labs to cancer I'm really fussy what they eat. It had been made and packaged in Canada, however, not long ago they moved to the USA.  I first noticed that the vacuum sealed package was now not so sealed.  Lola has a sensitive tummy so every so often she would do a hurl or two. Hmm, what had I given her? Did she eat cat poop from outside? Well for the past two days she's been miserable. The pollen has been crazy so I thought maybe that was it. Twice I got up in the middle of the night to clean up her mess. Funny how God gave us women the gene that wakes us when our furkids or two legged children hurl. 

This morning I took some of her Acana food as a treat thinking maybe it was the fresh pet treats I was giving her. "Good Girl, HERE" , I said. I swear she spit the kibble. The lightbulb went off...the food!!! I called PetFlow, (great company) and switched food to Taste of The Wild Pacific grain free. During the call I asked the person helping me if by any chance did any other complaints come in about Acana. She said, yes.  On the whole I've had good luck with Pacifica except for maybe two or three bags but today I did the happy dance knowing Lola will be fine! For breakfast she had a bit of the new food, I went to Tractor Supply and bought it, and rice and an egg. She was thrilled.

She has a spa day on this Saturday!! Summer cut coming up.!! Today it's 96 out. 

Off to stretch early now, then time for painting. Have a great day and see you tomorrow for the big countdown!!


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