Sunday, May 7, 2017

Took The Whole Day Off #25

Yes I did! We did a family picnic at Sand Point Park in Titusville. It's right at the beginning of the Max Brewer Bridge, on the river and a perfect spot with cover and picnic tables. We were so there!

There was a lovely breeze and strong sunlight so I wore my sombrero! Roger, Jamie and our grandson Logan.

There were sky divers in the distance but, alas, you aren't going to see them in this photo. Teeny tiny.

Ok, see that little swirl in the left center of the photo?  That's a manatee. There was a mother and her calf swimming by. Great photo Sheila, you say sarcastically. I know, she only poked her nose up just once and I couldn't capture it. I did get the swirl though!!😌

Jamie, Pamela and Logan. Pam was taking most of the photos but we got her arms and hands. Needless to say we laughed a lot.

They have a course around the park with stations. A balance beam, chin up bars, push up bars and posts of different heights that you step up and down on.  "I can do all of those" ,I said, forgetting the age and lack of exercise.  After about three tries of Logan holding my hand, I did finally do the balance beam all by myself.  The chin up bars? Ah, forget about it.  After we returned home I immediately looked up gyms near the campground we are staying at next winter. Age is no excuse...I can change some of this.

My favorite photo of the day is this of me and my grandson, Logan. Now 16 and on the Varsity squad football team. When he was a lot younger and staying weekends with us, we were always playing in the pool or out front of our house throwing a football. Once a week I would go to his house after he got home from school and we would do some art, eat popcorn and watch a movie. I think I had more fun than he did, but great memories were made.

So that's my day. Tomorrow, full out. Dropping a painting off at a clients house then heading to clean out our storage unit. 

See you tomorrow and have a great night!


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