Tuesday, May 23, 2017


So what did today bring? I got a text from my daughter about 7:30 A.M. . I heard the ding of the phone so woke up and read it and answered! Just a good morning so then went back to sleep til 8:30 and Lola barked wanting to go out. My day started!

I rode my bike up to Stuckeys' for a bottle of water and gummy bears and met our Sandhill Cranes on the move.

The baby was peeping away and running towards his Mum as I rode by.  Then while I was checking out at the register the next photo is what I saw. Dad!!

The family gets fed there at night and Dad was pecking at the window letting everyone know that they were there early and wanted their treats! The manager went out after finishing my purchases and they followed her to the side of the building and had their food.

And then what did I do...

Oh ya, bingo with the ladies! I had gone with them last summer a few times until the smoke just became unbearable but since we are leaving I thought it would be fun to go with them again. It was, but they won and I didn't. I did however get a request while I was playing for a commission so I take that as a win for sure.

UPS dropped off the beginnings of our RV Loot!! We also got our sewer hose but I'll spare you on that visual. I am excited about our new battery charger. Ah, the simple pleasures...but oh so important if our batteries decide to go south. 

Tomorrow I need to decide what I can finish before we roll and what I need to leave out so I can finish up. Art supplies need to find a home. (And a note reminding me where everything is!!) 😳


So dinner is ready so I'll say goodnight and see you tomorrow.
Hug your loved ones tonight and say a prayer for the children and families in Manchester, U.K. Insane and heartbreaking.


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