Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Not Even Noon

It's 11:07 A.M. here in California and it feels like I've already put in a days work. Bob and Betty went into Lake Havasu City and said I could use their golf cart to do my laundry. Up at 7:00 and over to the Laundromat by 8:00 A.M. So unlike me. Haha. I have had a basket of laundry since we left New Hampshire. It just keeps growing so this morning I was determined to get it all done. While it was spinning I went to the office to pay our rent then back down to collect said laundry.

I watched a man having so much trouble trying to get his 40' RV into a spot and totally sympathized with him. I think he hitched his car back up and left. Today there are about 74 units arriving and yes, it's a huge park. I'll go ride around later and see if he found a new site.

Here is the main purpose for the blog today. After we had breakfast at the diner we decided to go up on the hilltop and see the Cemetery.  From what I hear ashes have been scattered here and pets buried. One plaque was in remembrance of someone's wife,mother,artist who passed in 2010. "please don't put me up here Roger" was all I could say but she must have truly loved this place.

There is a young man that works here and in his spare time goes up and makes amazing sand sculptures. I tried to take the pics while we were rolling along but since I was driving Roger insisted I keep both hands on the wheel so we wouldn't roll over the side of the mountain. Oh ye of little faith!!!

There is a sheer drop off! 

We passed by the golf course that is up on top of the mountain. 5 holes and quite long. I was really surprised and people bring their clubs and are quite serious. Then we had to descend! Roger said "Let the engine work for you going down". "Ok hon, and the brake?" Ah... yes!!!!! 6% grade on this and the other road up and down is even steeper. But, what a view! We could see mountains behind mountains!

So it's not even noon. Laundry done, exploring down, at least for the morning and now for another cup of coffee. I'll start my paintings soon and that will be my afternoon faire. Hoping our new batteries arrive tomorrow. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the batteries don't give up the ghost. Roger has been putting our charger on them until they are fully charged then remove it until we are close to death  Bob is at Harbor Freight buying two lanterns. One for us. It will be great for being outside when it gets even darker and perfect if we have to sit in the dark before our batteries come. ( deer in headlight eyes) Fingers crossed.

Still not I'll end and start the second half of my day. (what am I thinking getting up so

See you tomorrow and hope the rest of your day is magical!


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