Saturday, November 11, 2017

Going Out Tomorrow

Huh? Going out tomorrow? Since we have been here I have been the only one not to go "beyond the gate". I have been hesitant to drive out on the twisty narrow road and have actual nightmares about it. Silly me. It's called Blue Bar II and it's in Parker, Az. They have broasted Chicken from noon til 2:00 P.M. and it takes like KFC but better. Yes, it takes food to get me beyond the gate!  It's been a running joke that I haven't left but once I do it, watch out world! I'll let you know tomorrow how it and all!!

My new paints and brushes arrived this week so I'm back to work full force. Re worked a painting for a client and just heard from her and she loves it. She said I captured his personality and likeness "Perfect".

Then this small piece. I have washed this off, repainted with a different background, three times until I thought, ok, what is it I love about the campground. The wild Burros and the light at night with the mountains glowing. First they are orange but near sunset they turn a purple. Not sure if you can tell the sky is yellows and pinks on your P.C. Ahh, new paints and brushes..I'm feeling a productive week ahead...after I leave through the gate and return!! (Deer in headlights look)

6" x 6" oil on gessoed masonite 

"Just Passin' Through"

I love getting the feel of the paint again and just using strokes to convey what I'm feeling about the image. Again, I'm looking forward to seeing the progress as I paint here. 

This little girl walked right up to me. You aren't supposed to pet them but, sigh, I had to touch her fur. I didn't have food so she left and joined her companion. Maybe Mum or sister that was waiting by the front of CiCiBlue.

No food?? Ok, we're outta here. 
And off they walk.

They joined up with 4 of their friends on the grassy area and Lola wanted to join them. Ugh. Thankfully her new training collar let her know she was staying with me. They kick so Lola will not go near the burros!!

Time for dinner then a movie so I'll be rested for my big excursion tomorrow! 
Have a great night and think good thoughts for me as I go over tiny, windy, incredibly steep in some parts with big drops into an abyss road.  Probably not that bad but in my mind right now it's Everest!!


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