Thursday, November 2, 2017

What? There's A Chicken Bone In My Bra!

So, why Sheila do you have a chicken bone in your bra? And you really put one in there? 

Yes I did and here's the story of that one.

Lola and I have been having a tussle of sorts because of her constant vocalization out the front window at every dog or every sound that she hears. Silly me has been also vocally loud right back at her and true to Newfoundland ways, she is tuning me out. So I spent last night feeling guilty and decided today to be calm and assertive. (But not the Whisperer ways) This morning having coffee she saw a dog walking and started. I whispered for her to come , a few times then said "treat" and there she was front and center. (yes we need to work on that) All day I have been really soft spoken to her and using treats as a reward. We have been working great together. So it was time to take her out and walk up along the path where there is grass. As we all left the coach Roger said, "Oh the burros are here" . Now we would have a challenge.

As they eat they snort like horses. The bins were full this morning so they came in over night and dragged all the garbage bags out then the coyotes drag the bags across the yard. Joint effort. 

So, Lola and I start to go by. Ozzie has already let himself known to them as he passed and Lola usually follows suit, but today I had treats. "Good girl, HERE, good girl" as we passed by. A fellow camper stopped me to ask if I needed spinal surgery, (ah, not today thanks) and Lola was still being fantastic. (I limp at times from a tight psoas muscle.) The man had surgery a few years ago and now he's fantastic. Anyway... (that was just side info of our walk past the burros) Lola and continued and I was so proud of us. That's when she scooped her head down and grabbed the chicken bone that was on the ground from one of the trash bags. Oh nooooo. 

We now are in the "Lola, drop" stage of our walk. I grabbed some treats, about 4 small pieces and put then in front of her nose. Nope. I then got hold of the said chicken bone and said sternly, "Release!!". Nope. Ok, more treats..a good handful actually. She likes these morsels so now we are there, she did a good sit for me but kept a good grip on that bone with me on ones side of it. I trust her. The Labs? Oh my fingers would be a little gnawed right now but they would have eventually left it. 

The moment of truth...a handful of treats Lola for that old ,thankfully dried, chicken bone! I held them to her nose and I could see the wheels could she drop the bone, get the treats and retrieve the bone once again. She got the treats, I got the bone! And I don't have any pockets or bag to place the chicken bone in. I carry the doggie bags in my bra a lot of times and the treats are in the treat bag which she would bug me for all the way home.  When we did make it past the burros, very casually I will add, she got the "bonus" treats!! Same treats but given with much hoopla and praise. She did great!! 

Just another day in the adventure. Why don't I have pockets? Oh because when I put something that smells really interesting in them they get found and I end up with a hole. Just another day in the adventure with dogs!! 

Time for happy hour so have a great day and beware of chicken bones laying on the ground when you don't have a pocket to put it in!! 

Have a great night and see you tomorrow.


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