Wednesday, November 8, 2017

This Is Really The Sunset And Other Things

This was taken with my phone. Add orange and yellow and you have even more intensity. Everyone in the campground was out for this sunset and the color was all around us, amazing. It's things like this that make it all worthwhile. 

It doesn't last long as the sun sets quickly here. Our neighbor told me that in early morning at sunrise you get colors like this too. Ah... One eye is open at sun rise. One morning I will. 

This past week Roger and our friend Bob drove to Gilbert, Arizona with our inverter. When we moved CiCiBlue down from the cheap seats to row B, we hit a boulder and our electric decided to stop working. Jim House to Home is the local RV go to man and he came and brought us new house batteries. (no pun intended on that one). He then removed said inverter and from that point we had to have a charger on the batteries to keep them full.  Monday morning, Roger, Bob and Ozzie took off for Gilbert. It's near Phoenix so about a 4.5 hour drive, My job was to go and check the light on the battery charger and make sure it was still working. At about 9:30 P.M. I did my final check and all was fine. I did get up just after sunrise so I could bring Sammy and Lola out for their morning constitution without running into other dogs. Perfect. I tell them ,"mumma needs her coffee" and we all go back to the rig. 

Coffee was made and I even did english muffins. I got comfy in the drivers captains chair and had a great view of the Lake then decided to turn up the radio. Hmm. No radio. Drank and ate with the blessed silence then went to use the bathroom. We have an electric toilet. No flushing was happening. Oh, yes I knew what was happening but texted Roger and quickly asked if the radio was broken. There was no way I wanted to hear the battery was dying but that's what he was texting back to me. For the next hour and a half with Betty's help, we changed the battery charger to Bob's charger, found that to be acting strangely, then Betty putting her head into the battery bay so we could get a good reading on the voltage. Did I know how to do all this before hand?? No. Roger was texting like crazy with me responding and realizing, ok, I need to know all this. The charger it turns out is meant for a car or quick charge not an RV battery, so it got to a certain level then kicked off. Tomorrow Jim House of House and Home is coming to Black Meadow Landing and replacing our inverter. Happy dancing all around here.

Lola woke me up about 2:00 A.M. barking. "LOLA...NOOOO". I went as far as the bathroom and heard snorting and shuffling so I looked out the window. Three adults and one baby. The three adults were standing on something, ripping it apart and chewing it up. We found out this morning they found our box with the solar lights in it, dumped out the lights and proceeded to eat the box. The ENTIRE box!

The baby stood patiently, by our front door ,waiting for the adults to finish their meal.

One random burro went galloping down the center of the street to meet the others at the trash bin. You could hear banging and bottles breaking as they took every trash bag out. I had to wake Roger up so he could experience this so together we hung out the window watching. He was able to take these photos. That's Bob and Betty's golf buggy and you can see scraps of our box on the ground under their rig. They do not eat Duct tape. Such a thrill. 

So what's happening with my artwork.  The top is a commission piece that I absolutely love just as it is but his owner would like more his face showing so that's on the schedule along with more dog commissions that I so need to finish. The second and third paintings are experimental. I should have left the burros at the bottom alone but I messed it up and in the process of redoing it. Ugh.. and the one on top of that is my attempt at the southwest palette. Ugh. With the sunset so brilliant tonight I have decided to just forget there are people out around and take my supplies and go paint outside. Tomorrow my new brushes and paints will be arriving so it's a perfect time to just get busy. I can do this!! (going from my pet portraits to plein air...then to my pet will be interesting to see the progression)

We don't have tv in the coach which I thought was going to be horrid, but I just read Dan Brown's new book, Origin, and I loved it. We did hook up to Betty and Bob's Tailgater and we can see the news but I had forgot how horrid and depressing it all was so having no TV is really a blessing! I may even start painting at night!!!! 

So, on that note I'll close. The burros will be coming in tonight since the trash bins are really full and the coyotes will be howling. We sleep with the window open for the wonderful air and of course, wake up with the commotion so for tonight, bed!

Have a great night and try a night with no television, no news. It's so refreshing!!


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