Friday, December 15, 2017

All Quiet On The Western Front

One of my favorite books but it's how it is today outside at the campground.  Sunny and calm, until late Saturday night and all day Sunday. Those winds are returning with a cold front added on for fun. You know all those cracks and creaks you hear when you move sometimes, well the cold here are finding their way into mine and I ache. Who was it that said getting older isn't for sissy's?

Yesterday the winds were strong so I worked in watercolor rather than oils. I was afraid the sand and dirt would just jump on the canvas with the wet paint as it does on everything else in the rig. I don't know how it comes in but it does to everyone.  I did sign my name to this but I may darken the water and add more splashing effects.  8" x 8" watercolor and gouache on 300lb paper. 

Now for my blurb about the cook top we have been using in the RV for three years now.


There are other brands out there but we use the Nu Wave. It has temperature control and comes with a 10' frying pan. You do need aluminum cookware for the induction tops for them to work but, wow, we use this for everything from boiling water to soups, frying and also with our pressure cooker.  It's small and portable so we have taken it to pot luck dinners to keep our clam chowder hot. (Super Bowl) It also stores easily for travel. With this and our microwave/convection unit we have it covered with no added heat in the coach from a stove. Actually we have never used our stove, not once.

A flash back memory. From left to right, Fergus. Roger's beloved boy who excelled in agility and once during a trial was so focused on Roger, jumped over a hurdle, turned mid air and landed backwards.  Baby Sammy is next. He was Fergus's boy and taught him everything from not chewing on wires to no biting. Then my beloved Sophie. She did agility with me and won ribbons but only did it because we would be together. She actually smiled and made me laugh everyday. There is a lot of her in Lola now and I will say, "Soph, did you have to come back in a huge hairy dog?" Lola gives me a kiss and I smile. Kids!!

I'll be working on this today, correcting, laying down color. I have a smaller face on the next canvas. #Busybeeme

Have a great night all, stay warm and safe and I'll see you tomorrow!


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