Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Away At Summer Camp?

At least that's what it feels like right now. People here all seem to have permanent homes, to which a lot have traveled home to for Christmas. This is our home and most of our friends and family have no clue what our address is. Thank goodness for Skype.

I bike down to the store to see if anything came for us like a little kid at summer camp. So many packages. One was for me, a top I ordered as a gift to myself from Amazon. Too big, too short, arms look like they are for a child and hated the material so disappointed, I road back down to the store to have it sent back.I know..sad.  As I was getting to leave, (after buying ice cream to dull the sadness, lol) I saw , in the middle of all the huge packages...a small box with our name on it!!!

It's from my sister and I have no idea what it is and it doesn't matter. I rode home with a box!!

Two fabric ornaments!! One with little trailers on it and the other with the presidential seal. Love them!!

It's been a busy day of setting up my Steemit blog and trying to upload photos to that, then retaking photos of my Lola in the field images for my calendar. Then became friends with a man on FB that received the painting of his late dog from a friend who commissioned it. 


His owners do so much for the homeless where they live. Seeing videos and updates on what he has been able to collect and give left me in tears. That is what it's about isn't it! 

I have a book for you today...

I started reading it a few days ago. As you may know I have osteoarthritis in my right hip joint. It doesn't hurt but it tightens my psoas muscle so that I limp. The surgeon wanted to do surgery and total replacement right off and I declined. He gave me pain medication that I didn't need, I take a Tylenol or Turmeric curcumin for inflammation. It works. Then this book came into my email. The power our brain has over our bodies that are pure energy. Why not? 

So I push myself to walk straight up and tell my brain to process that thought. How's it working for you Sheila? First thing in the morning with Lola.. great..after sitting for hours, a little slower. I'm a work in progress!! I'll keep you posted. It is interesting!


Well almost 3:30 P.M. and time to take the kids out for their afternoon stroll. The Santa Ana winds are coming in tonight and all day tomorrow so I'll be working away again. Hmm, don't I do that anyway everyday?? Hey, taking Christmas off!! :-)

Have a great night everyone. Stay warm, stay safe. Be happy and content with what you are fortunate to have even if it's small. 

See you tomorrow.


  1. I have a lot of pain AND a limp, but had not heard of the psoas muscle before. Am going to investigate; looks promising. I eat the powdered turmeric nearly daily, but not enough pain (yet) for routine analgesics.

    It does cut down on the enjoyment of life.

    Virtual hugs,


  2. Keep strong Judie! A good massage therapist also does wonders. No fluff and buff, a bit of pain but stretches all the muscles. Hugs right back at you!!