Saturday, December 16, 2017

Busy Bee Me

Roger's cousin created a small book for a relative's baby and asked if I could do the illustrations. That was my job today. Instead of a few I did 10 in all with watercolor added and now pen and ink to bring them out a bit more. It won't be on the best seller list and I'm not going for the award for best illustration but I always want it to be my best. So, bending over my table all day has my back hurting and my psoas muscle tight, but soon I'll be lounging and watching a video with Roger and the kids!

Still in progress. The little girl will be the only one with color and of course the dogs, but the adults will just be one color. Not enough time to do it professionally so Roger is using Publisher.

I also retook a photo of the watercolor I posted yesterday. The rig has tinted glass so I always get a strange tint to photos so today I went outside. Cloudy but bright so it was perfect.

Now I'm pleased.

My friend Lou sent me two notebook journals today. One blue and one red. The one I had for keeping our travel record got wet and wonky so I was thrilled to get a new one. They came wrapped in fun paper, then wrapped in bag paper. The post office was going to charge so much more so she placed it all in a priority bag and off it came. Each day I ride my bike up to the store near the marina in hopes something may have come for me. Some sort of a surprise. That little girl is still in here and today she was so thrilled. I rode my bike home then proceeded, with absolute glee, to tear off each layer of paper to find my books. It made my day. (The cell phone bill from AT&T just doesn't do it)

And here's today's amazing buy. Sheila? Poop bags?? Oh yes. With three big dogs we need bags, often, and ones that don't break and are easy to tie off then carry to the trash. We had been getting them at the dollar store and more than not, I was touching the said poop way to often. Then we bought them at the grocery or at Tractor supply. A 12 pack went quickly. Then, (ok this will sound like a commercial) a friend told us about buying 1000 bags on Amazon. This comes with the holder but after you can just purchase the box of 1000. Large enough for a mans hand, strong enough for Lola!! 

50 rolls in each box with 20 bags per roll and they are a pretty blue to go with any outfit. I say that because I usually have them dangling out of my back pocket, shirt pocket, or ,yes, my bra. (flash back to the bone issue, Lola and no bags)


Ok, finishing my glass of wine, heading towards the bedroom to watch a movie. Tomorrow will be a Santa Ana day again so along with watching football I'll be working.

Have a great night, stay warm and I'll see you tomorrow.


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