Thursday, December 14, 2017

Amazon Associate, The Burro And Lola

Santa Ana winds are a blowin' again out there today. Little dust devils swirling through the park in front of us and I'm hiding wet paintings so people don't get a bit of that sand. sigh.

Let's start with our lights! Roger strung these last night and I am in love with them. They will have to come down when we bring the slides in but after that they are going right back up. After living in Florida for 18 years, I have forgotten how the cold, (for us now anything under 70 is chilly) gets into your bones and I get depressed. The lights are making me giddy!! They went on right as we got up this morning and will stay on til bed. Looking for solar though. (Thank you Mary Jabens...and be sure to look at her paintings. I'm in love with her light and color!!)

Ok, last night we went out for our walk. It was around 5: 30 P.M., just before it gets dark here, and the burros were in the grassy area having a snack. Lola is fascinated by them and she will look but walk by, at a distance, with me just fine. One of the burros is a dark black/brown and probably a bit younger than the others and just a bit more curious to that large brown and white "burro" that's walking with me. You know that saying about don't stare at a dog straight in his eyes, if you don't know them, well the burro never got that message. She never took her eyes off Lola. (yes she's a female..the male is quite..MALE..if you get my drift)  We started to walk by and as we did  the burro would turn slowly in our direction. Lola started to get a bit anxious. "Let's go.." "Good girl" Then the burro started walking towards..US! With intent!! Roger and the boys were able to go to the other side of her quickly but the burro was still heading towards us and never took her eyes of of Lola.  I'm sure everyone in this huge campground heard my "Sweet Mother" exclamation as I tried to get Lola to come further away but she was now in an attack mode. I've heard her bark like this when a man at an other campground came too fast at us. Protection and I'm sure knowing Lola, a bit of fear. That was a huge dog!! I tried to stay calm for her but all I could think of was wild burro thinking Lola was a huge coyote and kicking her. "Lola COME"...and she did. The burro then turned and went across the other way. On our way back to the rig, Lola looked once as I said, "don't even.." Oh, and "shoo, shoo" does not work with wild burros. They are looking for food and that's probably what she was thinking. Human/food. Unfortunately, people feed them and they become comfortable. They are beautiful and seem so gentle but the "WILD" needs to be remembered. 

I was finally able to put a link on my blog page, oh and yes, a new color scheme, to Amazon. The link has my associate code embedded in it so if you go to Amazon through my blog and purchase something I get a few pennies. So far in my new adventure, one set of brushes were sold. Thank you so much to that buyer!! (Roger just said he was proud of me for figuring out the link..I was so not the computer geek that I have turned into when we first met!! hahaha)

On to breakfast, another cup of coffee then painting! It will be a POWERFUL day for me today. That's my word for 2018! When ever I am feeling discouraged I say it and I turn into Wonder Woman. (Without the twirl..hope it still works!)

Have a great day everyone and thanks for joining us on the adventure!


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