Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Got My Data Back

So, when you run out of data and you're in a campground with bad reception, you need to use your hot spot. Mine is on my phone. I share data with Roger. Plot thickens here. Roger needed to do work on the computer and oops...there goes all our shared data and I had to wait for the 13th of December to have it restored. Meanwhile, we went to Cricket and Roger got his own data plan for his business. (dancing and balloons here)

So, from Thanksgiving til now...the Santa Ana winds came in in full force. The news channel said they have never had it last so long before. A little over a week, which sadly, spurned some awful fires on the west coast of California and they are still going. Tomorrow we are due for more winds. We are far away and safe and we will be rocking and rolling a bit then dusting everything once again until we scream, but, we are safe. The people on the coast are loosing everything and it's so wide spread. I can't even imagine.

Last Saturday, Bob, Betty, Roger and I piled into his truck and went down towards Parker, Arizona to the Desert Bar  It's a dirt road with rocks and bumps everywhere on the ride out through the desert and you are tossed about and thankful you have a seat belt on. It's only 5 miles out bit takes about 30-45 minutes since the road is winding up and over the mountains and did I mention, skinny, skinny road. The photo above is the ladies room. The walls are heavy steel as well as the door. Built on the side of the mountain and it has an amazing view as you come out of the stalls. 

It was windy and chilly out there so thankfully the bar had a cool fire to warm us up. 

The lone cactus. Did you know it takes them 100 years to develop an arm? 

From the winding,skinny skinny, bumpy road. 

I may crab and moan over having to dust non stop but where else are you going to see the super moon coming up over a mountain. My phone just hasn't done it justice. The "face" was huge and the color bright. Just amazing.

Finished 12" x 12" commission. 
oil on canvas


I recently bought these brushes and this is what I'm using for my art work. Great quality and they don't break the bank. I clean them after use and they have been holding their spring. I'm an Amazon Associate and if you buy through my site I will earn a small commission from the sale. Just figuring it out now how to do it so please hang in there. 

They come in a nice folding case and fit snug into their little spots. 

I follow RVers that do this and as they say, every bit helps when you have a fixed income. It becomes a win-win for both parties. I think it may work too if you shop at Amazon and enter through this blog. Thank you ahead of time. (total newbie here..deer in headlights look )

So what's on my plate. I am still working on commissions and on the Lola in the Field series of watercolors for a small book. I have also started a series of watercolors on 8" x 8" 300 lb paper of the photos of Ayla Murray of Scotland. We met about 4 years ago and spoke of doing a book together and life happened and I haven't been able to jump into it. Now that I'm here I started. I got this far and an artist that I so admire asked about the piece just as it is and purchased it. She loved the simplicity. 

Then, to mail this and an other piece, I DROVE out beyond the gate on the winding, twisty road over the mountains to Parker, Arizona.  I consider myself a good driver and then realized I was in love with the winding, twisty road over the mountains and now looking for any excuse to go!! 

Ah my Sammy Sam. Some days he has a bit of problem getting up on the couch but then on some days I walk like I'm on my last legs. The cold weather gets into you and yikes...when did this all happen? 
He's not feeling to well today so he's on rice and chicken for a few days. The store was out of the regular salmon dinner that they eat and Roger picked up the same brand but fowl. Last night I saw the moon at 2:30 A.M and 3:30 A.M. and again at 4: 30. He's barks and sits by the door which helps and I just fell back into bed fully dressed. I'm a dog Mum. Kaopectate to the rescue and a nap for me!! 

So, I'm back! Roger is happy with his data and new phone with no contracts. I'm happy with my 30 gigs of data and I'm not surrendering them. A couple of years ago AT&T had a great offer and I jumped on it. Nothing like that is offered these days. 

Ok, until tomorrow. Calling a friend now for our weekly "business " meeting then my well deserved nap!! See you tomorrow and show you our Christmas lights that Roger is stringing through CiCiBlue!

Have a great night and so happy to be back..


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