Monday, July 24, 2017

Guess What I Got To Wear

Yup, it's raining! It has been since about 7: 30 A.M. this morning and so thankful I pulled in the passenger side awning last night. Rain has a tendency, no mater how I attach ties, to stay in the awning and the weight stretches the fabric. I even tucked our chairs under the slide out so they wouldn't get soaked.  Anyway, I got to wear my rain boots! Very comfy and actually easy to walk in and after jumping in puddles with Lola a little while ago, I do know, they don't leak!

Roger and the boys! When Lola and I walk in the rain and she spots a puddle of a good size, she lunges towards it. She then puts two paws in and with her nose, snuffs and pushes the water up, then wags her tail. It is a continuous motion. She then looks at me and off we go to the next puddle. Looking down at her wet muddy paws I start to cringe then think, well, we have solid vinyl flooring that can be washed and our bedroom rug is beyond saving at this point so what the heck. What Lola wants..yes, Lola gets! (hopefully you know that song)

Another Lola song is by the Kinks. L-O-L-A Lola. The other day she was in the bedroom and the song came on and she appeared in the living room.  Was it a coincidence? Did she hear her name? Today it started once again to play on the radio and I told Roger to watch to see what she will do. "La-la-la-la Lola, La-la-la-la Lola...." "My Lola..." Out she came and laid down by the radio.  Our other favorite sang to sing to her is the one by Barry Manilow. don't sing to your pets??I know you do! 😍

Roger made macaroni and cheese with ham cubes last night and we have left overs tonight. Perfect for the rainy, chilly day. 58 degrees. Not complaining!!!!

My puddle splashing buddy!!! Always close! 💗

The macaroni and cheese is heating up and I'm getting ready to snug on the couch with a few kids so have a great night and see you tomorrow!!


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