Monday, July 17, 2017

New Hampshire And Internet

Ahh, the little things in life that make one happy. Internet! Though I'm sure there are some who say boo to that, but not us. So here we are!! Finally settled into our space at Wellington Camping Park in Lee, NH.

When my children were 7 and 5 we moved north from Boston to Dover, N.H. It was a new life awaiting for us and eventually take us in different directions. Coming "home" was exciting and CiCiBlue did fantastic getting us here. 

On Saturday nights we would pile into the car with a huge shopping bag of popcorn and go to Lee Raceway. The person I was with then had a race car and would be in the stock car division. As we passed it the other day it brought back memories. The races have been cancelled so far due to weather but we were told we will be able to hear them on Friday nights if they go on. Who knows, maybe we will go over to one.

And there is the sign. We made it.

A long drive down into the actual camp and at 5 miles an hour it seemed like eternity. 

Our site. A camp host came down and gave us a hand in backing in. When Roger and I first started to go places I used crazy hand gestures to tell him to turn left or right. He would go insane. We finally saw great hand signals at our stay at Cummins in Orlando so I'm using those but the camp host used my old ones. 😨 Quick correction..I stood behind the flailing armed host and did the correct signals that made the difference. We got into our spot and started to set up our home.

It even looks more homey now with a few more chairs and my plant. Dog ties are out by the fire pit and close to the shade and the picnic table is ready for all and anything.

First morning coffee. From here we are looking up to where the camp hosts park their rigs and the office. Tiger Lilies line all areas and it just makes everything so pretty.

Granddaughters Kelsey and Morgan and her friend Mike.

Friday evening our family came for dinner. We had steak tips, veggies, wraps and sangria. The decision was to eat outside so we wouldn't have to wrestle three large dogs for our food and thankfully it was perfect weather. Yummy desert was had inside when the mosquitoes decided to appear.

I think in Scotland these are called Hog Weed but to me they are Queen Anne's Lace or I thought they were. There is the huge field on the entry road and Lola helps me up the hill to get there. So not accustomed to walking up hills but it's good. Anyway, I have been taking photos up there as reference. I'm in love!

Lola doing her good sit stay. She is so in need of a good grooming and a bath so please forgive her appearance. She's had a stressful few weeks between a tiny room and riding in CiciBlue. Next week we will go in search of and she'll be looking smart! When we all go out Lola and I go a different way then Roger and the boys.  The boys will stop and sniff then Lola wants to rush right in and pulls me with her to the sacred spot. Adventuring with just me we can sniff to our hearts content and I can stay standing.

It did take a few days to figure we weren't it Florida anymore. We went down to the river and Lola went right in as I started to panic that there were gators in there or snakes and her favorite spot to do her business is somewhat wooded and I searched for poisonous snakes there too. I am ok now. LOL.  The other thing that made me laugh was at dinner the other evening the man in the site behind us came over to tell us they would probably be noisy and to apologize beforehand. He said he came up here on weekends and lived in Dover. My first thought was, wow...he came a long way. My mindset was still Florida. Thankfully I have overcome that. Saturday I drove to my daughter's house. 18 years since I drove around here and had to use a gps, but it came back quickly. Just trying to get used to hills and curves. Ahh Florida, home to straight flat roads. (Not missing it..but miss my friends)

So here we are. I really like this campground. Large roomy sites and nice tree coverage. A lot of updates are happening with more to come. A lot of the people are seasonal and keep their trailers here year round so they seem to be making spots for monthly or weekly drop ins. Quiet during the week as people go off to work or back home to their homes until the weekend. Nights are quiet and their are no street lamps so it's really dark. I love it. Sleeping with the windows open and the Fantastic fan on keeps the house nice and cool.

Tomorrow back to painting. Really!!! Updates on that soon! Off to finish laundry and get a P&J sammie so I'll see you tomorrow. Nice to be back!

Have a great night,

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